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You need to know nothing more than it is a Ruger, THAT DOES NOT HAVE STEPPED BASES. If you can not understand that, no one should ever feel safe with you having a weapon in hand.
I understand that part quite well. You've told us several times what you don't have, which is just a waste of time.

What I don't understand is why you keep buying rings made for rifles that dohave stepped bases, as indicated by the part number you posted.

And for the record, I did phone Leupold
I suggested that you call Ruger.
Ruger would likely send you a set of rings free of charge.
Instead, you just keep buying the wrong parts and blaming others for your own errors.

You evidently called Leupold and asked about "Ruger rings" without telling them which Ruger rifle you own.

Had you given them enough information, they could have helped you, as I have attempted to do.

Boasting of working in a sporting goods store for 6 years you would make one think you had became a MASTER GUNSMITH, but I am beginning to understand the only thing you know how to do is phone someone else for advise on how to do things.
Wrong again.
The problem is I can't tell you what specific rings to buy if you won't say what specific rifle you own.
So again the problem is you, not anyone else.
It's like going into an auto parts store and saying "I need a starter for a Ford" then refusing to give any more information.

If you want to storm off in a huff that's up to you, but don't try to blame your lack of comprehension on me.

Just do like I said in the beginning.

Call Ruger, tell them the Model number or name of your rifle and ask them what rings you need.

Or don't.

I gave you the solution to your problem a week ago in Post #3, and now you have 4 sets of rings and probably close to $200 tied up in rings that still aren't correct for your rifle.

I won't try to help you anymore.
You don't listen anyway.

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