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Can you can trick out your GMRS two way radio with a repeater & antenna so that the distance is dramatically increased?
You can't add a repeater to any radio.
Repeaters are separately maintained signal boosters that are available to the public.

You can increase your range somewhat by raising antennas higher, but you're still limited by the wattage of your transmitter and any obstacles between you and the receiving stations.

It's not hard to get a basic HAM license, and those frequencies will give you greater range in most locations.

If you can "hit" a repeater you can talk over hundreds of miles even with a handheld transceiver.

You can also buy Ham transceivers and use them to listen only without any license. The license is only required to transmit. Many scanners will also monitor those frequencies.

You can do a search for "Ham Repeater Locations" and see if there are any near you.
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