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Default Mostly My Fault

Originally Posted by Kachad View Post
I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything - but I'm curious about more details on how each job didn't last long - i.e, not being able to get along with anyone in the organizations.
I apologize for the lateness of my reply.

I have spent lot of time on that very topic. I have always endeavored to learn from my mistakes because that is pretty much the only positive you get sometimes.

The biggest problem was my failure to adapt to their culture. I found it very difficult to not do things my way (which was a better way in some cases). I could have done it their way or, at least, made it look like I was doing it their way. Frankly, they hired me - so I should have done it their way - if I had hired them I could made them do it my way.

With each failure,I withdrew further into myself, so I did not make the human connections that would have helped keep them from firing me. So the issues began to compound, getting exponentially worse each time.

Some of the issues were also related to the employer - in one instance, the person I worked for, who had a lot less experience than I had, didn't know I was coming to work for him. He wasn't told that I was interviewing and he didn't know I was hired until the day I started. His insecurity combined with the company's asinine way of hiring me was my undoing. What he did was not right, nor was it smart as I could have made him look good - he did what he did out of fear and insecurity. That does not make it right but those are the facts.

But mostly it was my fault for not adapting.

And there was that one supervisor that asked me to come to his hotel room and watch "Naked Survivor" while we were out of town on business. This was after he grabbed my rear end when I was climbing a ladder earlier in the day. No, I am not making this up.

We can talk by PM, too, if you want.
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