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Originally Posted by Setanta View Post
Wondering how Bravo2uniform is doing an if he got through the slump he seemed to be in

Txanne, I have to slightly disagree with the rebuilding being easier when younger, though I probably would still be called young by some standards. if I had to rebuild again I would think it easier the second time since I have a lot more experience and skill than I did the first time and I could do it over with greater efficiency and avoid a lot of the dumb learning mistakes I made.

one such is that I once spent $1500 on materials piece by piece to build a crappy shed (home despot lumber), it was barely 8x16, and for about the same money I was able to use rough cut lumber milled from my own logs to build a 30x50 barn, had I the knowledge then that I have now I would have saved a lot of money and had much better results from what I spent.
I went off grid at 54---it was the best thing ever for my body---I became stronger and my mental state improved.

I think what I was referring too is money wise----it take stamina to go earn ---

The more I am challenged in life--the taller I stand---its inside of us.
We just have to find it.
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