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Default Tales of a failed homestead

Years ago,my husband and I were planning on starting our own little homestead. We paid off all our debts,improved our credit scores enough to be able to purchase a house.

For the first three years we did what every homesteader does,worked,and worked and worked. We built garden beds,planted fruit trees,started a rabbitry.....our dreams were coming true.

Then year four hit like a ton of bricks.My husband no longer wanted any part of the homesteading life,it was too much work he said. We fought,a lot. I went into a deep deep depression.

Year five came and went.

Year six saw my garden beds taken over by weeds....I just couldn't do it without help.
We fought even more. The rabbits were too much work he claimed..

Then one night a light switch flipped in his head...that's when my whole life changed,everything was turned upside down and backwards,spiraling out of control.

We came home from our normal night at work,he was happy go lucky...
THEN,something happened,something triggered his anger.He went off on our room mate,threatening to kill him. He stomped down stairs and we heard him throwing things around,turns out he was getting out and loading one of his rifles....

The police were called.....friends were called,parents were called,our marriage died that night in his rage he threatened everything from killing the room mate to killing all the rabbits and burning down the house,to killing himself.

One year later we were divorced.

Fast forward to now....

I've rented out my house to a large family who are going to purchase it next year when they can get financing.. I've moved into a mobile home in the same park as my parents.
Essentially I'm starting over.

So here I am,heading back to my roots,back where I came from,and starting over....I miss my gardens and my rabbits,and my little piece of land,but I couldn't be happier than I am right now,my depression is under control and I am slowly putting the pieces back together.
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