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I am sorry, Leera. Life has kicked me in the teeth also, though not quite as dramatically as it has you! I simply got sick. And I have not been well since: it is an auto-immune illness (my body is attacking itself) and there is no cure.

With some serious thought I have been been able to manage to tend a small garden.

I am what I am: there is a gent on youtube that is able to get a LOT of vegetables from his own small garden plus 40-odd pots, and after watching his youtubes I intend for my garden this year to be SPECTACULAR! Because that is how my thoughts naturally flow. Though I cannot manage 40 pots, I do intend to manage 5, plus the small garden. Every day I sit in the garden and use hand tools.

The gent I have been watching:

Basically, in the spring he plants short season potatos in 10 inch pots and also seeds in small pots. By the time the potatos are ready to harvest, his seedlings in the small pots are 6 inches tall, so the potatos in the 10 inch pots come out, fertilizer is mixed into the soil, and the new seedlings go into the 10 inch pots for a second harvest in the Fall.

So today I, too, planted potatos

Life happens, but I was without a garden one year and I really missed it. So, every day I spend abut 30 minutes outside, tending my small garden and, this year, 5 pots. Because I am the same person still.
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