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Originally Posted by EarthMama View Post

There are as many definitions of "homesteading" as there are people doing it. You don't have to have barnyard animals, grow your own food, or have fifty million acres of land in order to be considered a homesteader.

I live a very simple life, out away from everybody. And the neighbors I do have I don't speak to... not because I don't want to but because we just don't have anything in common and thus have nothing to say to each other. I buy our food in bulk, have no debt, read library books, sit on my porch & listen to the birds, get up early & go to bed early, recycle & reuse, buy fresh produce from local family farms, chat with like-minded friends online, and simply be. That, to me, is the definition of a simple homesteading life. I realize that's NOT the definition for some folks and that's ok. Again, there are as many definitions of "homesteading" as there are people doing it.

Absolutely eloquent. You've got it figured out.
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