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Is it water infiltration? Water makes a yellowish emulsion like a milkshake, almost instantly. Motor would not last thousands of miles, probably not even fifty miles without bearings grinding to a halt, loss of power and major stuff breaking off inside.

May I assume that what you drained off still looks like oil? Does it have a fuel smell? Mechanical fuel pumps can leak fuel directly into the crankcase.

As far as your question, a head gasket could easily let water / coolant into the crankcase, intake manifold gasket on a V-8, (but you claim it is a 6, inline) the motor would have been running roughly if so.

But again, just a cup or two of water in the oil of a running engine would make a thick milkshake you could see on the dipstick, certainly not something that could be confused with the oil's normal appearance.

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