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Its an odd one. At least to me.

Kept checking oil over last several months and several thousand miles. It wusnt getting low. Took one 4 day 1600 mile trip and figured it would need a quart but dip stick said no.

Low coolant light came on. I put in half gallon of anti freez. Month later came on again and i put in rest of jug. It does drip a bit from bottom of radiator so i didnt suspect.

Did not see any yello or white color on dipstik or in 2 1/2 gallons i drained out. Have set the milk jugs with the liquid to see if it seperates into water on bottom oil on top. Since yesterday it has not. Its a 2000 model so has electeic fuel pump. Power is and has been good. Fuel milage is good~ it has a digital scale of instant mpg . gets 25 on hwy.
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