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A couple clues from the posts that I have seen before.......

1... 2 gallon extra fluid in motor is a BIG problem..
1A.. 2 gallon extra fluid NOT turning into an antifreeze milk shake.

2... Fluid not separating.

Could it be fuel getting into the crank case.??? You should be able to smell it if either gas or diesel.

Do a complete oil change, with new oil and filter.

Take a teaspoon of the old oil, and a teaspoon of the drained off fluid OUTSIDE and try to light it a fire. Fuel in oil should light right up.

Sample should be NO BIGGER than a teaspoon. You won't like the results of a bigger sample catching fire.

If this is the case, it may be mechanical fuel pump leaking into block. Or electric fuel pump overpowering throttle, fuel injection system somehow.

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