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Default Crows

Crows seem to be rampant this year.
Got to thinking and discovered we haven't seen a single eagle this spring and summer. There is usually at least one around.

Crows have been everywhere. In Pot Hole City, along the river, there are always a bunch around. This year there are many, many more than usual. Every street and parking lot has a group scouting around. All the way along the highway out to our lane any time of day, and as many as 5-6 at times in the
early morning checking out the chicken house and yard.

There was on especially bold one who would be right in the chicken yard a lot. The chickens and geese would huddle on the far side from this bird until it left. Not good as they weren't spending that time eating and growing while it was there. It took me about 10 or a dozen tries, but I finely "took care of business" with that problem. Could not let that threat continue to hang around as we have 10 or so half grown chicks ready to turn out with the general flock.
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