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Originally Posted by Tim Horton View Post

One of our favorites are cook books. Mostly cookbooks you would call "church lady" cook books, and grade school, middle school, and other fund raiser type cook books. We like these kinds of books as they are very "down to earth", everyday cooking, using what is in season, not exotic ingredient or fancy cooking.
I have a couple of cook books from my Mother, from Churches she attended. I really like them because almost all the dishes are comfort type food, and many of the ingredients use a lot of canned pantry goods. If you ever need to clear the pantry of things like cream of mushroom or chicken, canned veggies, and egg noodles .. these are the go to books, heh.

Another favorite is a "Recipe Reflections - Especially Selected from the Old South for Today". Put together by the 19th Century Club in Memphis.

Sorry, a bit of a derail - I have nothing relating to odd measurements.
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