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The heat is going to make a return. Thought the AC days were done for this year, but some 90 degree days are coming so I may have to run the AC yet. Not sure if the east coast hurricane has the weather systems backed up for a while, and that's why we're going to have a string of hot days, but either way guess I can fish instead of worrying about firewood for a few more days.

My buddy and I fished on Monday and quality wise probably had one of our better days. In Nebraska a 4 to 5 pound bass is considered a pretty big bass, we don't get the bigger ones like they do down south. Well Monday our top five fish went 19.65 pounds, plus we had some more in the 2 1/2 to 3 pound range. Made for a fun day of fishing, and makes up for those days when you catch nothing but dinks. I should have the video up later today, I'll post a link to it here in case anyone is interested.
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