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Dreary overcast, light breeze, and snow... You heard right, snow. Hourly forecast for today shows rain all day and night. Here in this bush it is snow. Not sticking to anything yet but unmistakable. Forecast for the next 10 days is temps of 7C to -5C for highs and lows.

BIL sent a picture of his area of northern Alberta with snow in the grass and wet highways. Tis the season here in the GWN......

Will get Elvis the back porch washing machine unhooked today. Give him a healthy shot of RV anti freeze and let him rest until next season. Next mission will be to get the cold room in basement ready to put potatoes and get them dug. Then finish cleaning up the garden and green house for end of season.

A couple days hauling books from family doing a home clean out of someone going to hospice. We have about 40 or so apple box size boxes crammed full of books of all kinds. Estimate another 15-20 boxes yet to come. Sweetie is back up to 10th or above in the world for registering books. She is routinely first in Canada. She is a happy woman.
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