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Default Ruger Scope Rings, What a PROBLEM?

I have never really cared for the new math. What I was taught arrived at the answer much faster with less effort and was easily checked.

Apparently Ruger has employed some engineers who want to impress the world with their new math skills, since they seem to believe it is essential to have scope mounts of two different heights to align the scope with the rifle barrel. Unless the rings are beveled using two different height rings will damage a scope so mounted, and the scope offset from the barrel at an angle ever so slight will never be parallel. The two angels will eventually intersect, but sighting in a rifle with such a mounting arrangement must be almost impossible to accomplish.

To further complicate the matter, one can not even believe Rugers own published information. Apparently more new math skills at work. Again according to their own website:
Their # 3 rings will mount a scope with up to a 32 mm diameter objective lenses,
Their # 4 rings will mount a scope with up to a 42 mm diameter objective lenses,
Their # 5 rings will mount a scope with up to a 52 mm diameter objective lenses, and
Their # 6 rings will mount a scope with up to a 62 mm diameter objective lenses.

I purchased a set of # 5 rings and they will not allow a scope with a 40 mm diameter objective lenses to be seated on the scope rings. Then I ordered a set of Leupold Ruger Super High(1.150) Rings. I was expecting to receive two rings of the same height, but no they are of different heights, although the molded container compartments shows identical heights, the contents of each compartments was certainly not of the same height. Now I have to purchase another set of Leupold Ruger Super High Rings in order to mount one scope. But I will have a spare set of rings, if I can find a scope they will mate to a rifle.

I have always preferred Ruger products to all others, but after this experience, I doubt I will be looking for anything Ruger. Stupid people can ruin any company!
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