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So. It's with a somewhat wistful sigh that I am announcing the official "idling" of Bigfork Research. I will start the effort back up sometime in the future upon early retirement.

But it's with a very excited howl that I announce that I'm starting a new job with Sherwin Williams on Monday. The position is Applications Engineering Manager, and I will be working with a group of 6 Engineers.

The Group interacts at multiple different points of the development cycle, intensely active in new technology development, and is involved with the very toughest most stubborn quality issues that the Industry can toss at us. (Liquid, ECoat, and Powder).

So a lot of new toys, mysteries, and puzzles to play with!

As an added bonus, one of the Engineers in The Group is a Gentlemen that trained me in 30 years ago when I started in this Industry as a temp employee.
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