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Member Websites Websites, blogs, videos, and home-based and other businesses of qualifying Forum members. Posting is restricted to Confirmed Members. See FAQ inside.

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Old 09-05-2008, 12:40 PM
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Backwoods Home Magazine, its staff, and contractors have no business or other relationship with anyone posting in this board and assume no responsibility or liability for anything offered or requested in any ad or on any website or blog, nor for anything that may happen if someone responds to an ad or follows any posted link. Any questions or problems MUST be resolved between the parties.

NOTE: A link back to Backwoods Home is now required in order to post links in these boards. Please see Paragraphs 2d and 2e in the Terms & Conditions.

NOTE: Posting in the main board is no longer permitted. You MUST post in one of the sub-boards.

Q. Who can post an advertisement in these boards?

A. Active members who have demonstrated they have joined primarily to learn and share information, and to become part of the BHM Forum community. (Confirmed Members)

Q. What kind of website or business can I advertise?

A. In the appropriate board, you may post your personal website or blog, links to your videos or photographs, and your home-based or other small business subject to the following:

You may not post a link to or advertisement for or about any business or website which contains or involves any type of pornography or any hate, bigotry or other stupidity. We reserve the right to remove links and advertisements for, from, or about anyone or anything we, in our sole judgment, feel to be inappropriate for the Backwoods Home Magazine website.

Q. Can I have more than one post?

A. Yes. If you have multiple businesses, blogs, or websites, you can post them all in one thread or in separate threads.

Q. Can I change or delete my post?

A. You may edit or delete the post within two days of posting. After that, please contact a moderator or the admin to remove a post.

If you want to change what you are offering in a post, and more than two days have passed, just make a new post and then contact a moderator via PM and ask that the old one be deleted.

Q. Can I post banners or other graphics, or widgets, or whatnots?

A. No. Only text and text links are permitted in these boards.

Q. How do I make a text link?

A. If the web address to your website is short, you can just type the address, as in

If the address is very long, as in 537adsgfsda8458h0afdghadfg9hasdfg

then use the following format so the long link does not mess up the page format in Internet Explorer browsers:

[ url= 579 2537adsgfsda8458h0afdghadfg9hasdfg]My Website Name[/url]

NOTE: Do not type a space after the first [ . We did it above so the Forum would not turn it into a link. Your link, if properly done, should look like this: Backwoods Home Magazine

Q. How will I know when I am eligible to post here?

A. When your participation in the Forum promotes you to Confirmed (Green Stars), you are eligible to post in this Board.

Q. So I can just post a lot of one-word comments to stuff until I get promoted?

A. No. Participation involves the exchange of information, ideas, and opinions. When new posts appear here, we will check the activity of the person posting. We are the sole judge of whether or not your posting activity qualifies as "participation."

Q. So, once I qualify, that's it? I don't have to "participate" anymore?

A. No. We will regularly monitor the participation of those who have posted here. If you stop participating, we will remove your website or advertisement.

Q. How often do I have to participate so my posts won't be deleted.

A. That would be telling.

Q. What if I take a month-long vacation to Europe? Will my stuff be deleted?

A. Send an IM to the Administrator giving your departure and return dates.

And if you can afford a month in Europe, please consider supporting this Forum and website by running a banner ad for your business.

Q. If my posts are removed for not participating, can't I just come back and post them again?

A. If you return to active participation, yes. If you return just to post the website or ad, and do not participate, both the ad and your membership are likely to be removed.

Q. I don't think it's fair that only active members can post ads.

A. Life is unfair. Get over it.

Q. Can I buy an ad here so I won't have to participate?

A. No.

Q. Are these rules subject to change? Should I check this FAQ now and then?

A. Yes and yes.
Revolution is just another word for "nothing left to lose."
When I'm posting in an "Official" capacity, you'll know it. The rest of the time I'm just sharing my opinions like everyone else.
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