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Old 12-19-2011, 10:16 PM
dale00 Male dale00 is offline
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Default have another ?

I just bought a wood gas cookstove,looking to see if they are any good?It is a 36 inch stove.Also want to know if i can put a water jacket in it to heat water or?Thanks
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Old 12-21-2011, 12:52 PM
MichaelK Male MichaelK is offline
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Hi Dale
Do you mean it's a dual fuel stove that can burn either wood or propane gas? If so, congratulations! Wish I had one.

You have three choices in terms of hot water. First, just boil a big pot on top of the stove. I've taken many hot showers by first heating the water on top of the stove and then ladling it on top of me. Yeah, it works, but I miss having two hands free.

You might be able to get a water tank for your stove, but that is only a small step up from the stovetop pot.

What I want to do for my own stove is install a thermosiphon pipe leading to an above-stove water tank. My Monarch cookstove already has holes drilled in it for a thermosiphon, so I just need to buy the pipe and a tank and I can put something together. Here's a site that sells thermosiphon parts.
Basicly, you burn wood in the stove for several hours, with the hot water rising though the siphon and on to the tank, displacing cooler water that falls out of the tank. In the simplest systems, the heat of the stove provides all the water movement, though the water tank MUST be positioned directly over the stove.

Another BHM member has one and he says that it takes about 3-4 hours of burning to get a full tank of hot water. Realisticly, if you light a fire in the stove to cook dinner, you'll have enough hot water for a long shower by bedtime.
Good luck,
I'm an O negative, Aries, ISTJ, Rat.
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