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Old 04-30-2012, 12:55 AM
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When you say alone, do you mean as in one person or alone as man and wife. I think we could manage ours alone because that is the way we have built it.
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Old 05-01-2012, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by siletz View Post
One thing to think about: sometimes we look to the city dweller to think about joining our group on our land and are surprised when they don't respond. I think that it would be better to find like minded people already homesteading on their own and develop relationships with them. They don't need to be convinced that it takes a community to survive. Think more like the Amish, maybe, where everyone has a place of their own, but when harvest time comes, or a barn needs raising, the whole community comes together to do it.
This is what I was going to suggest. But then, there are issues even within the Amish community, as I learned by growing up around them. Same with more new-age communal situations. Human nature is human nature and the more desperate the situation, the less civilized and altruistic human nature becomes. Still, I'd like to hope for the best - that liked-minded and variously skilled folk could form a community that pulls together to help each other... and work for common goals.

So, I chose a location where that kind of "spirit" still seems to exist in the current community. What the limits of it are, remain to be seen. Mine, too. But, unless you intentionally scale your homestead with the idea that you might be maintaining it alone, in your old age or injured... chances are, it will at some point, be too much for you and you'll need help. I gave up the "fight" on 90 acres of mostly wooded property, because the requirements to get in/get out were too strenuous for me, even in my 40s. Hauling groceries or supplies in, up a steep hill, in all kinds of bad weather for 1/2 mile or .7 of mile, by the driveway... got real old, real fast. And it wasn't an efficient use of time, either.
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