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Old 04-29-2012, 04:11 PM
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Default Game Camera's

Would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for game camera's.

1) what is an economical choice for day light hours.

2) what is an economical choice for low night/dark hours.

Just starting to look into this and there are all different kinds.

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Old 04-29-2012, 06:42 PM
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Originally Posted by swampcedars View Post
Would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for game camera's.
I am not familiar with all of them, although I've looked into most of them. My understanding is that the Reconyx are among the best of the lot but most people wouldn't consider them to be economical, at about $600 apiece.

I have...
  • a Primos Truth Cam 35;
  • a Primos Truth Cam 46; and
  • a Bushnell Trophy Cam

On the Primos models, it is way cheaper to buy them from than to buy them directly from Primos. Right now the Primos Truth Cam 35 is $83.39 and the Truth Cam 46 is $99 on Amazon. I was going to compare the prices directly from Primos for you, because they usually cost at least $30 more from Primos, but the Primos store is down for inventory right now.

The Bushnell cameras are quite a bit cheaper from too, as compared to buying them from Bushnell.

Here's my experience with them.

The first camera that I bought was the Primos Truth Cam 35. I put it in the woods in April of 2011, and it remained there until sometime in August. In August, it took a bunch of photos that looked washed out. I wasn't sure what the problem was, so I called Primos and they sent me a replacement on the promise of returning the original to them. The new camera arrived in a few days, after which it went out in the woods, where it remained until mid-December. The Truth Cam 35 takes color photos or video at 3.1 MP during the day, and black-and-white photos at 1.3 MP at night. Despite its relatively low resolution, the pictures are pretty nice, although not of frame quality.

I bought the Truth Cam 46 camera in, I think it was, July of 2011, and had it in the woods until mid-December. The Primos Truth Cam 46 is slightly more expensive than the Truth Cam 35. Its daytime resolution is 5.0 MP, but I'm not sure what its night photo resolution is.

By comparison, although the resolution is lower, to me that day photos taken by the Truth Cam 35 and 46 look pretty much the same. The Truth Cam 46 is supposed to have a longer night field than the 35 model, but my experience has been that the cheaper model will capture animals further away than the 46 model, although the night photos taken by the 46 are clearer. I have had both cameras on different trees, pointing across the same clearing from different directions, and frequently the Truth Cam 35 will capture animals that are missed by the 46, but when the 46 does trigger, the photos are sharper.

The difference could be a matter of settings. The 35 doesn't have as many options as the 46, but it utilizes user friendly switch settings, while the 46 uses LED menu settings that I sometimes have trouble remembering when I'm in the woods without the book. I like both of them for different reasons, but would probably go with the Truth Cam 35 if I were to buy another one. Although, if I were to buy one right now, I might go for the Truth Cam 46 because the price right now is less than I paid for mine last summer. Your choice would depend on what you want to do with it. Both of the Primos cameras were in the woods last summer and fall, a year in which it rained literally at least once every three days, and often for several days in a row.

I didn't buy the Bushnell Trophy Cam until after I had picked my cameras up for the season last winter. I used it around the house over the winter to see what was getting into my compost though, and it took very clear photos of a dog, a raccoon, and the neighbor's cat.

I have had all three cameras on the woods since the first part of this month, although I had to walk through two miles of knee-deep snow to get them there.

The Bushnell takes 8.0 MP photos, but it was also considerably more expensive. It takes nice photos but a whole bag of apples spread out in front of the camera disappeared without anything more than a crow showing up on camera. There were moose tracks, but the camera did not capture a photo of the moose, so I'm a little mad at it right now.

In fairness, I am not very familiar with the Bushnell yet, and the problem may be in the settings or placement of the camera, although I can't help but think that if it will activate for a crow, a moose ought to wake it up. Perhaps I will like the Bushnell a lot more before the summer is over, as it does take nice photos. It did catch a bunch of night photos of a black bear; but then, it took a nap in front of the camera so it could hardly miss. In comparison with the Primos cameras, the Bushnell is tiny.

You can compare photos and video taken by both Primos cameras last season on my Petra, Maine Wildlife Photos site. I haven't put any up for this year yet, but hope to get to it this week.
That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it unless someone yells at me or something.

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Old 05-03-2012, 09:23 PM
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I have a Leupold camera and hand held support unit to match it.

Got it "for free" with my credit card points.

Have just used it to watch the bird feeders I have out. Don't think I have all the bells and whistles set up right. Most of the pictures I have are of me filling feeders.........

Good luck
Always fresh.
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