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Old 07-10-2012, 07:27 PM
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Default For anyone curious about henna

As a born-again redhead, I was curious about using Henna as a hair coloring. I thought I would share my tale since it is a very natural process, and if you are in a southern state, you could likely grow your own henna and lemons - all you need for the process!

I bought a couple of pounds of henna on e-bay for about $20. The henna came as ground leaves, about the look and smell of ground sage. To prepare it, you add lemon juice to the henna to make a paste, and let it sit overnight (put it in a container larger than the amount you make up - it will grow). Then you just apply it to your hair. Some places suggest you leave it on 4 hours. I did one hour and it came out fine.

I did a test strand just to make sure the color wasn't going to be odd. My test strand didn't go so well - I didn't knotice any color change. But after this last week of working outside, my hair was really bleached out, so I figured I would give it a try anyway since I had the stuff around.

So I mixed up about half a pound of henna and applied it last night. I should have dampened my hair a bit first, but once I figured that out, it applied a bit better. My advice is to section out your hair and apply the henna a small section at a time. I got a bit impatient and just squooshed it around.

I put a bag and a towel on my head, and rinsed the nastiness out after an hour, and what a shock! The color actually took, and it was a shocking orange! Now I am less than 24 hours after the henna, and the color has oxidized to a pleasant but bright red. Not fire engine red, more of a Marilu Henner in Taxi red.

My dark roots were unaffected, my grey hairs turned a yellowish gold color, but my faded red dyed parts took the henna well. If you have naturally blonde or light brown hair, I bet it would work for you, but I can't see this making much difference for darker hair, though it does leave your hair nice and soft. Since my application was uneven, my color was uneven, so be careful to apply evenly! Anyone else ever used henna and have more tips?
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Old 08-24-2012, 01:15 AM
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lol, I used it. Would not do it again. I had quite a lot of gray already, and each gray hair turned flaming orange red, it did not affect my otherwise dark brunette hair. The reason I did it, lets see, I know exactly when, because DD was 12 and now she is 37. DH always had a beard, and he decided to shave his beard, I said, if you do that, I will color my hair red. He did, and so I did.
DD cried, she told DH , you don't look like Daddy anymore. so he let his beard grow again. Of course Henna is a dye and it had to grow out. I guess it is for young people without grey. Had not thought about that for years.
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