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Old 05-28-2013, 01:57 AM
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Default In All Humility...

Teach to the young
Preach to the young
To reach them??... do so in all humility
That way, they will listen
My Autobiography is...a testimony to bad decisions. If there was a bad decision to have been made?... I made it.
If there was a wrong turn to take?... I took it.
The life I have led?... I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy.
I am worn and scarred with the character that only a fool can wear. There isnt a single mistake that I havent made... so, let me warn you young people...what NOT to do! Learn from my mistakes.

Dont go to War. Dont work Law Enforcement. Dont try to heal the Mentally-ill. Find some other job somewhere... more "pleasant" ?? My words of wisdom... to the young!

Bitch and Moan Poker is this...
"My road has been so much harder; almost the worst?"... and I will prove it!!
"Bitch and Moan Poker" ... who can bitch the most?
This is where people try to boast or brag about who had the worst possible job? The longest and worst life? Usually during hunting season... at some hunting cabin... filled with drunk hunters!!
Military Veterans and Construction Workers usually carry this on, into the night...before they name The Biggest Loser/Winner !!
Whoever wins?... or loses?... (depending on how you look at it??) He is grabbed by the arms and legs, and carried down to the water's edge... and thrown into the lake!!

His Baptismal !!

Start off with these questions?..."just how much work should a single person have to do in one single lifetime?" And..."just how many horrible jobs should one person be required to endure?"

Everyone gets to take their own turn, bitching and moaning, about how early they had to go to work; and then testify about all the horrible jobs they have had? This is definately a game for old men; sitting around the table in the cabin at the camp site; during hunting season; after bourbon and scotch has started to flow. Most young men dont have enough history yet, to play this game well. The young just need to witness, and let it soak in, and say..."I pray to God my life wont suck as much as these old Dude's lives have sucked!!"

One time I was in a tight game... and one of the players threw down an Ace! He used to work for Animal Control. Somebody had to be in charge of "Euthenasia"... and that was his job!? Every single morning when he woke up and got ready for work...he knew he was going to have to either gas or inject almost a hundred different cats and death. That was his job!!?? Every single day!!??

Of course...there is always a military combat veteran, who throws in five aces or a royal flush?? That just isnt fair. And besides, you really dont want to award him the "trip to the lake"... cus he would kick your ass before you could ever begin to get him halfway there!!

I got drafted during The Vietnam, but unlike most so-called veterans... I dont tell lies, pretend my job was on the actual front line combat!? Matter of fact, MOST so-called veterans work jobs called "support".
Most so-called veterans from any war... most of them work support!!
And that's a fact... especially these days...modern day 21st Cent War.
Next time you hear somebody can bet that he wasnt an actual..."frontline combat" veteran. They dont bitch. Those guys mostly wont say anything. You might get a weird stare from them...but thats about all you will get. They dont complain.

I used my Psychology Degree to work with the mentally ill and the criminally insane...the worst was counseling young girls who had been raped by their fathers or their brothers.
I went into Law Enforcement and carried a badge...and I saw things I never should have seen...I found out things I never should have known...about the dark side of human nature.
I got a new degree in Construction Management, so that I could get away from the madness?? And almost the first thing I witnessed was two carpenters pissed off at each other up on the second story; all of a sudden they both pulled their framing hammers and started swinging; it was bloody and bone breaking before one of them got the advantage knocking the other temporarily unconscious; time enough for him to pick him up and carry him to the ledge of the patio...and throw him off!!
And that was just my "introduction" to the construction business!!
The most dangerous of all professions, on so many levels, "if you know what I mean?, and I think you do?"

I am able to play... A Full House. I usually can beat a couple of aces. But I hate to go hunting, and sit drinking at the hunt table, and play this game with full combat veterans, fresh home from The Sands, from Iraq or Afgan, from multiple tours? It's so hard to beat their hands...most impossible.

Today is Memorial Day... let us please... say Thank You
You Guys, and Gals... at least those amongst you who are actually Real live combat veterans... God Bless You
And Thank You for your service and your sacrifice.
And all of you, and all of us... let us pray for the ones who paid the ultimate price...and for their families.
The Drone Wars are emerging?! Let us keep the boots off of the ground. Of course...??...this could be the beginning, of the most horrid bloody of all wars!!??...this time for civilians too??
God Help Us...!!!


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