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Old 03-27-2015, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by otobesane1 View Post
Actually, YOU have no right to tell any of us what we can say or not. I will state that no one should attempt to "mislead" anyone on any subject. To do so is dishonest. However, if one has a genuine opposition opinion with regard to something that the NRA does or doesn't do, then they have every right to voice it. And I certainly do. You spend your money in the manner in which you deem best, but don't tell others what to do with theirs or what they may say. And your first sentence above implies that only financial supporters of the NRA are helpful to gun rights. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
You do have a valid point about voicing concerns regarding things one is in opposition to or support of the things which the NRA, or any organization for that matter, does or does not do. If you want to genuinely improve the organization go to their annual meeting and have a voice in the business of the organization. Otherwise complaining and griping about what the NRA does or does not do only provides the anti-gun lobby with more information with which to bring about division and discontent. I said I did not agree with everything the NRA does. But that was the extent of my statement. Within any organization containing more than one member there is most likely going to be someone which is not in agreement with what the organization does or does not do at any given time, much less with the millions of members the NRA has.

First and foremost I did not imply anything, I made a plain statement in my first sentence. You obviously did not like my statement, and felt compelled to criticize. In no shape, form or fashion, did I say supporting the NRA was the only way to support gun rights, but the NRA, is the oldest, most powerful & dedicated gun lobby in the U.S. How many times have you hear the anti-gun crowd trying to discredit the other few small groups of gun right organizations in the U.S.? Those other groups would be bulldozed into oblivion if they were the only organizations supporting gun rights in this nation, so the anti-gun crowd never, or hardly ever, mentions them. If the anti-gun crowd can tear down the NRA, those other groups will have been yesterdays history, so it is the NRA and the NRA only the anti-gunners gun for. And that is no pun!

Secondly show me where I said what anyone should do with their finances. I said, "IF you don't want to support the NRA, fine."

Please point out where I attempted to direct or restrict anyone's speech. It never happened. I said, "I do not care to hear non-supporters bad-mouthing the NRA." You need to carefully re-read what I wrote, if you equate your statement as being equal with what I wrote. There is a BIG difference.

You were very careful to skirt the issue of being a member of the NRA or not. I never criticized anyone for not supporting the NRA, and will not criticize you either if you choose not to support the NRA. But if you are not a member of the NRA, you have no horse in the race. Like the citizen that does not vote, has no right to criticize their elected officials, any non-member of any organization has no right to criticize that organization. If you are a member of the NRA, then participate in the business affairs of the organization to help bring about any change you desire. Participation does not necessarily mean you will be successful in any change desired, but you will have had the opportunity to make you grievances or plans known and it was then the memberships decision on which path to pursue. That is the proper and correct method in which to operate.

Most of us support those things, including organization (professional, social, fraternal, business, church or whatever) and habits which we want to or desire. If a person smokes, they may do without something else in order to have that pack of cigarettes. I could have easily gained greater enjoyment from something else over sending my hard earned donations to the NRA. I am a small contributor probably in the overall scheme of things, but I do send them what I can when I can, and I have made a concerted effort to do more in the more recent years that what I did in the past. I can not change the past, but I do have a say in the future, and I am working toward that goal.

For those people that truly can not afford to support the NRA, most of us can understand someone's indigent circumstances but even those indigent people should remain silent, rather than criticize the NRA, or any other organization in which they have no horse to race.

I have been in professional and civic meeting both where things became heated and someone was told to keep quite, or more plainly to "shut-up" more often than not those word were coming from the chairman or person in charge trying to restore order to the meeting in progress. I was not trying to be inflammatory, with my post, but if your skin burns at such mild conversation, you probably need to grow some thicker skin. And if you are looking for an apology from me, that is as close as you will every come.

I am fairly new here, and have enjoyed my time here so far, but if you wish to report my verbiage to the administration, be my guest.

Now to summarize, did I twist or distort any one's words? I don't believe I did, but if I am in error, please point that fact out so I can correct a wrong.

But you on the other hand, did not like my post so you distorted and twisted my words to fit what you wanted them to say not once, not twice but three times. Am I not correct? I may not always like or agree with what someone else says, and I am certainly aware others don't always like or agree with what I have to say. We can agree to disagree, on most subjects, but there can never be any agreement when you choose to distort and twist my words. I have always tried to be diplomatic, rather than inflexible in both my professional and private life, and found it achieved my goals much easier than than taking a stand on ever little thing. But when you distort, misstate, and repurpose my words by playing fast & free with them (or more simply just being untruthful with or about my words) I take offense very quickly.
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Old 03-27-2015, 04:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Jjr View Post
The ones of us who support the NRA financially, carry the rest of the gun owners within this entire nation, so I do not care to hear non-supporters bad mouthing the NRA. If you don't want to support the NRA fine. But keep you trap shut and don't try to fragment or miss-lead the ones who do support the NRA.

Bring it, Sister.

The only thing the NRA is good for is for themselves. The rich top tier that makes money as lobbyists.

They are not for the regular guy who shops for ammo at Walmart.
This is a how-to, homesteading and self-reliance website and Forum. We want to attract people who are primarily interested in those areas and for whom politics is secondary.
Here's an internet truth; just because it bothers you, doesn't mean anyone else cares! - Me.
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