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Default Using Solar To Produce Heat...

Using Solar Electricity, or any Renewable Electric source to produce Heat is usually VERY inefficient...

Fist off, with Solar or Wind, you are making small amounts of power to start with, so efficiency is always recommended, and usually demanded.

If you try to convert SUN LIGHT to ELECTRICITY,
Then store that electricity in Batteries, that's CHEMICAL storage.
There are losses converting the electrical charge into chemical energy in the battery,
AND there are losses converting the chemical storage back into electrical current,

There is usually an INVERTER involved, there goes another 10% (or more) of your limited production in losses.
(no matter what the propaganda from inverter makers, there is at least a 10% loss converting DC into AC power).

Then you try to convert that electrical current into heat by resistance most times...
Again, significant losses in the conversion...

Then you have to move that heat into the living space, or the intended recipient of the heat...
Fans, thermal transfer from 'Burner' to pan, then from pan to food in the case of electric stoves, ect.

Most of the time, you are better off with something that converts DIRECTLY from one stored energy form into heat (or light in the case of infra-red).
Gas or wood for example that combust fuel directly into heat/light.


I've been using INDUCTION heating for years in industrial processes,
This is a process where you change POLARITY of the electrical current very quickly,
And the quickly changing polarity/magnetic fields those currents produce INDUCE a furious metal in close proximity to heat up.

The quickly changing magnetic fields INDUCE molecular movement, creating friction, causing heat.

This is MUCH more efficient than electrical 'Resistance' heating, but requires some electronics that have to be tuned to do a specific job...

You have all seen the 'Induction' cook tops advertised,
The cook top doesn't get hot,
While the metal pot boils...

The induction unit is creating a magnetic 'Storm',
That magnetic 'Storm' is INDUCING the molecular structure of the metal pan to heat up....

I need to have a look at the commercial units,
But I've used a metal coffee pot in an induction coil to make coffee, soup, ect. for years and it seems fairly efficient, and it's PORTABLE,
Where dragging around a gas hose would not be nearly as handy.

My efficiency is higher, since the coffee pot sits directly in the center of the coil, surrounded by the magnetic 'Storm' going on,
The cook top surface is only a coil UNDER (not surrounding) the pot, so I don't have any idea how efficient this particular system is...

'You Tube' is full of Induction Heating units and how to build them, how they work, ect. If you want to explore how this works without resistance heating from electricity...

I'm wondering if this would be efficient enough to scrap my handy Gas stove and try this at home...
One less fossil fuel device I would be depending on other people to obtain...

Anyone got any ideas?
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