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Old 02-16-2016, 01:16 AM
King Hugh King Hugh is offline
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Default Email provider

Hey everybody what email provider do you use? I currently use Gmail but I'm tired of them logging every button I push. so would anybody mind sharing what email providers they use ?

thanks in advance have a great night
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Old 02-16-2016, 01:24 AM
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backlash Male backlash is offline
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I use Gmail as my throw away address.
I had Yahoo but they are even worse than Google about tracking people.
I use the email account that my service provider has.
It will be a huge pain when I move and change internet providers.
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Old 02-16-2016, 10:29 AM
DavidOH's Avatar
DavidOH Male DavidOH is offline
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Try GMX Mail :

I have Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail , ( More than one of each ) and GMX can access them all.
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Old 02-16-2016, 11:28 AM
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randallhilton Male randallhilton is offline
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Default my own email server

I have a few accounts with the "biggies" like Yahoo, Earthlink, Gmail and Hotmail simply because they help me organize better. But one of the smartest things i've done is to set up my own e-mail domain. Here's how I use it:

I registered a web domain name.
Then, I set up a single e-mail account:

Then, I use an email manager such as Pegasus Mail or Intellect (this is the one I actually use). Some of the online email readers will also allow you to create email rules and folders like these stand alone programs do.

Here's where the cool stuff happens: I exclusively use my "big name" email servers for specific, trusted contacts like my bank, stock manager etc.

But when I sign up at marketing or business web sites -- signing up for coupons, magazine forums, product websites etc. I sign on using a bogus email address which tells me which site I signed up to. For example: Backwoods Home Forum has my email address listed similar to this:

I DO NOT set up an account for these bogus email addresses. For example: Whenever BHM sends me an email ( such as a notification for a private message) that e-mail will hit my domain server and automatically drops into my designated "catch all" email account.

In my e-mail program, I set up rules which sort the mail for me. I have a rule that says that mail sent to sorts into an inbox folder for BHM.

If one of those bogus email addresses ends up in a spam list, I change the rule to delete messages to that address instead of downloading them.

Just now, I downloaded a day's worth of email (500+). Over half of them disappeared before I ever saw them. The rest either went into their designated folders or went to the rubbish bin for a quick look before hitting the delete button.

If I'm watching for an email from one of these sites I can do a quick search. Example: If I'm expecting an email to I can search the rubbish bin for that address which would only be found in the "sent to" field.

After a quick glance, all the leftovers get deleted.

your mileage may vary but it's been a good system for me.

Use less, lose less, weigh the benefits, count the costs.
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