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Old 02-24-2016, 12:32 AM
Fabman Fabman is offline
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Default Well, I am 61 now and here I go again.

I went to an auction and bought 27 - five gallon buckets of construction glue for 60 bucks.
What the heck does anyone need with that?
Must less the 153 gallons of fiberglass resin and 122 gallons of hardener that cost me 90 bucks???
Well, last week, after I finished getting my home made boiler working good, I moved the sawmill into the shop that I started building about ten years ago before I fell and became disabled.
Last year my November utility bill was $637 and change.
This year it was $175 and change
Decembers was $622 and came down to $186 and change this year and after I got the water heater working, January's bill dropped from something over $600 again, but I forget right off now, down to $101.71.
That savings makes a heck of a difference my fellow men and ladies also.
I have always wanted to build an airplane from scratch and this has gave me a real chance to do so.
The sawmill is the thing here. When I finish that, if I live long enough, and I pray gives that to me, my next project is a larger shop than the small one I have now.
I have plenty of timber to cut and mill for that, even counting some large Cedar Trees for Cedar Shingles. All I'll have to buy is the concrete, blocks, etc. for the foundation and floor, and the hardware for the building, plus the chains for the sawmill and gas and oil for it.
Oh yea, I have to supply the food and beer for the guys that help me for free, just to learn what I know. And thank God some of them want to learn what it took me over 5 decades to learn.
Actually I can't count the first decade. That was learning mostly about drilling wells with a churn drill machine and they aren't used any longer, but I still teach them about pumps etc. don't know crap about Air Rigs. I quit drilling wells when they were just getting sold but I'd love to have a 20-W or better even a 22-w right now.
But anyway, back to my plans.
I don't have but maybe 20% left to finish the saw mill, and I already have nearly all the parts needed too finish it except I have decided to buy a new engine.
Either a 14.4 HP B&S engine for $399.95 or a Kohler 22 HP engine for $565.45 from Surpluscentercom.
I am thinking the Koler right now because I have a Stihl 041 Farm Boss that is a big chainsaw and it has a lot of HP compared to most of the ones sold now.
Probably at least 5 or 6 HP, and that is a lot for a chainsaw, yet I cant find any number on that, but it will still bog down under a load with a sharp chain and I don't cut with a dull chain..
The bars that I designed the saw mill for are 36" compared to the 20 inch bars on the Stihl, so I figure I will need the extra power from the Kohler. plus the fact that the saw mill will take up to a 54" Bar and chain.
The thing is, that I have to buy a band saw type re-saw mill so that I can shave off 1/8' pieces to form my own shaped and glued plywood.
I have been looking at all the saws I can find, and I especially like some of them from but I don't know anyone that has any hands on experience with them. Does anyone here have any knowledge of their products first hand???
Thanks ahead for any help or advice.
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