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Old 04-05-2016, 11:16 PM
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Default Korean AK Mags...

At the last sports club meeting a guy sent his new to him AK home with me to clean up..

It is a nondescript AK with wood furniture etc.. I tore it apart, cleaned, lubed and took off a few sharp corners that needed attention..

He also had 5 Korean made new 30rd mags.. I did some reading about them, saw a couple u-tube posts.. These are the grey ones.. All fit and functioned well.. The thing I did have to do was take them apart and clean up some sharp edges.. More on some, less on others.. Only too about 15 minutes per mag to do.. Three of the 5 I painted flat black just to use up the spray can.. I'm NOT a good painter, but they don't look bad..

He also knew enough to give up a couple boxes of ammo for my time and efforts...

Anyone else with experience ??
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Old 04-12-2016, 08:01 PM
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No me no Mongolian rifles here! Lol
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Old 04-16-2016, 09:51 PM
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I normally decline to post, but I have experience with some of what you ask.

I prefer and almost exclusively use the stamped steel 30-round magazines from the "commie-bloc" in my several guns that use them.

They have all worked flawlessly, regardless of country of manufacture.

To my wit there are two differences in the mags and that is if they do or do not have a rib in the back sticking out about 1/4 inch or so. This only makes a difference if you intend to use an aftermarket clamp to hold two (or three!) of the mags side-by-side, clamped together for rapid exchange upon exhaustion of the first. This could mean 60 or 90 rounds in rapid succession.

Don't grab the barrel, you will leave fingerprints after that many rounds.

The issue is to use either ribbed or non-ribbed mags in the same clamp, as it was designed for.

I have also used the 75-round drum mags that work flawlessly also. I call them my "wind-up toy".

There is also a 5-round mag available occasionally that makes it easier to shoot off the bench.

The steel mags also work in an SKS-M if you have one.

I have had a few "plastic" mags not work well "for me" and I try to shun them. You might be OK, though. The issue is to try them and see.

After you take it apart and clean it, please assemble it dry so as not to aggregate grit and dirt, the steel mags should be the best choice.

Sharp corners... maybe you are talking about the safety lever? Many times I have bled because of this.

Anyway, I will try to participate in this forum more often, but only when I have real experience to add. Usually when I read BWH I am on the learning end of the conversation.

Best Wishes,
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