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Old 06-08-2016, 12:27 PM
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I have seen this situation first hand..
Here in the north woods, simple seems adequate and more than effective..

There is a young guy who has an older bolt action, 3 shot, 12ga 3" chamber "slugster" gun.. It has rifle sights, 24" smooth bore barrel, either improved cylinder or modified choke.. It has hunted, turkeys, ducks, geese, all manor of small game.. Fold down the rear sight to use as an "on the wing" gun..

They hunt big game from tree stands here, so there are 4 hash marks on the sling... I know for sure one is a black bear..

When I need a loaner gun, it is the one I get.. Available ammo choices seems to make it much more versatile than many would expect it to be..

Not a perfect solution I'm sure.. There are bound to be more and better mission specific equipment available... But they say specialization is for insects..

My observations and 2 cents..
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Old 06-09-2016, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by joejeep92 View Post
Do you guys actually use... [shotguns]?
I use both my shotguns and various rifles regularly. One of the shotguns at night and the rifles as needed or desired in day light.
Here's a first hand example of both how useful and effective a shotgun can be: Three nights ago a couple of coyotes were making naughty with the goats AND dog (yeah, bold coyotes and worthless mutt). At about 25-yds., give or take a couple, a turkey load blew the guts out of one of the intruders and at more than 30-yds. another round of poorly placed turkey shot bounced on impact another coyote at least a yard. I'm pretty sure it, too, is off someplace dead. I don't know about home defense with a shotgun but my DW has one near at hand just in case my .357 mag fails to do the needed neutralization of any threats. Uses and effectiveness of the rifles are self-evident IMHO.
As for a single homesteader gun in case someone can only swing one firearm, I'd recommend a good old used Savage 22 mag over shotgun combo gun with a heavy round in the tube and a live one in the rifled barrel, too. Perhaps not the best at any task but a very good compromise for both and I love those old guns.
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Old 06-09-2016, 08:16 PM
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the colt revolver may be the icon of the old west but it was the old sodbuster shotguns that saw the most use on homesteads. originally muzzleloaders modified as early breechloaders. one gun did the job, they were ugly but cheap and they worked.

shot a raccoon at 3 AM a week ago with a single shot, it was caught in a trap outside the chicken coop, shot it in the trap, chickens seemed to like the taste of raccoon in the morning
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