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Old 10-18-2016, 10:28 PM
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Default Flag Stone Patio/Walkways

Seems I made the mistake of buying myself a firering for father's day. It arrived and I immediately put it in the backyard, loaded up wood and before I could fire it up someone stomped out back and announced "not without a proper patio you won't". Oh, and by the way, we need a couple connecting walkways too! Been kicking myself ever since, should have dropped the 10 grand and I'd be pokin the fire as we sleek. Nah, stupid me said, " sure, I can do that" having no experience "doing that" whatsoever! With the understanding that I don't have a job, don't need a job and don't want a job under any circumstances. Consequently,if it's a nice day and I feel like a little sunshine, 2 hours is my limit. Figure after 2 hours everything constitutes a job.

To the task at hand, an 18' circular patio along with some 100+ foot of walkway. Break out the string to mark off everything, using the tiller to break some 5" of ground, shovel if off and fill in a lot of places that need it. Calculator says to buy 2 3/4 ton of flag stone and as much cheat as it takes. Put down black landscaping cloth to hopefully keep weeds off. Level 2 or so inches of chea. Working flagstone is like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle with the exception that nothing really fits! Turn it this way, that way, flip it upsidedown, repeat repeat repeat. When you get pieces to fit by hook or crook level more with cheat, fill in the spaces and hose it down. The cheat actually hardens well and doesn't wash out.

Haven't finished yet but this should give those interested an idea about flagstone.IMG][/IMG]

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Old 10-19-2016, 04:01 AM
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Sounds like a good excuse to acquire some more tools. At least a wet saw for cutting all those stones...maybe some more chisels...maybe a hod and some trowels if you are using mortar. Maybe a mixer if there is any concrete to be mixed. Just sayin', as Rahm Emanuel once said "Never waste a crisis"
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Old 10-20-2016, 02:47 PM
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Hi there incoming,

Probably have put down a few acres of flagstone patio during a 40 plus year career working stone. Got the bad knees and achy back to attest to that.

Not sure what you are calling "cheat", but it sounds similar to what we called stabilized sand--a real lean (7/1,8/1 sand to portland mix) that we would replace a couple of inches top soil and /or turf with. Most often we would then set the stone into mortar, and grout the joints between stones, but occasionally would have a customer wanting open joints for vegetation growth between the stones.

You are right about how hard it is to "trim" flagstone to fit, and some patio rock is a lot more difficult to work with than others. Lot of times we would use a skill saw with masonry blade to help shape the pieces ---not at all difficult with Limestone, but real difficult with some of the sandstones--particularly the Arizona red. With the right attitude, working stone can be very meditative, or it can be a major aggravation.

Unfortunately, I cannot get your picture link to open, but keep on keeping on and soon you'll be enjoying that firepit, and your patio, with the feeling of a hard job done well.

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