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Old 08-24-2017, 08:48 AM
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Default Apple cider ??

I have about 10 "wild" apple trees on the property-- they got there because the previous owner in years past had fed apples to cattle and the seeds were processed and dispersed by them as cattle will do. Only one or two of trees produce good tasting sweet apples. The others produce prolifically but are awfully tart (beyond baking tart).

Can those be turned into decent cider? I've never made cider before. Will it be worth the effort? Any recipes?
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Old 08-24-2017, 03:19 PM
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Here in our part of the GWN bush we are in apple season now. A lot more fruit here than many would think, however very little is table apple quality. Most being small and tart.

We get all ours for free just to keep the bears out of peoples trees and yards. We slice and dry them for rabbit food. Cook and process some to table ready apple sauce, can a lot simply as apple sauce type pulp for baking and such. It can be used a lot of ways.

We drink very little cider in any form. And the amount of apple cider vinegar we use is cheaper by the liter than to mess with making.

Good luck with your experiment.
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Old 08-25-2017, 12:55 AM
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Do you know what kind of apples they are? I have a wonderful old Northern Spy apple tree in my yard. The apples aren't very good to just eat out of hand but they make fantastic sauce. I've read that they get sweeter if left on the tree til cold weather, but I've never tried that.
A couple of years ago a friend invited me to a cider pressing party. I took my Spies and they made a very delicious cider. So it might be worth a try. If you can get some other sweeter apples it might be a good idea to mix those in for a blend.
I tend to be an apple scavenger. I keep some buckets in the truck and when I see a loaded tree in some roadside ditch in the middle of nowhere I'll stop and pick as many apples as I can reach. We use a LOT of applesauce; I need to put up 70 to 100 quarts every year. Doesn't seem to matter what variety, some sugar and cinnamon make all the difference.
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Old 08-25-2017, 11:53 PM
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cider or ciderjelly is about the only practical thing to do with small tart apples.

I don't have a cider press so what I do is gather any apple not obviously rotten, chop into chunks or halves if really small, then boil in a stock pot till they dissolve, then I strain it through a wire mesh so the seeds and hard parts come out but tiny bits and dissolved fruit slush through. if it was too tart to bit into the water of this method dilutes it so its more palatable. it can be boiled down more to make a tart jelly as well.

I use the same method for wild grape jelly, tart as well.

Catalpa, they are probably not any specific cultivar, named cultivars are produced by grafting branches onto the roots of a seedling, basically creating a clone, genertically identicle to the tree the branch came from. apple trees can't self pollinate, so if you have all the same cultivar in an orchard the seeds are all sterile, genetically they are all the same tree. any tree grown from a seed would be a hybrid between 2 different cultvars and can come out randomly as per flavor and quality
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