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Prayer Requests This board is ONLY for prayer requests from folks of all faiths.

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Old 10-03-2017, 06:51 PM
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Default I Am Burned Out

I have gone through a fairly rough patch in my life. I have been through rough patches, but for some reason, this last one took a lot out of me.

The short version is that I switched jobs and was quickly fired, then got another job three months later, worked about nine months and got fired again, was off for three months and hired...and got fired again maybe two months later. Prior to this spate of career troubles, I had never been fired or even laid off. It was as if, all of the sudden, I couldn't get along with anyone.

More troubling, was during the last four months of unemployment, I spent money that I should not have spent. I was not a good steward, it was as if I just gave up on living right and and got pulled under.

I recently started back to work and things seem to be tolerable. I am underpaid by about $ 20 K / year and having to work out of town, but at least I am employed. I am not happy because my employer told me I would be close to home - that's why I accepted a lower salary - and then they promptly sent me out of town. OK, that's still better than spending money you don't have - and I am glad for the opportunity.

The troubling aspect, though, is that, in the past, when I closed my eyes at night, I thought about my homestead plans and future and that is what got me through the tough time. I knew that someday I would be on that land and free of the shackles of corporations that treat you like a resource (a resource is something you use up, such as coal).

But now I can't seem to get lost in planning my future.

I have forgotten how to dream. I need restoration.
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