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Your Homestead Tell and show others with words and pictures how you built or are building your homestead and how you keep things going day-to-day. One thread per member, please.

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Old 08-17-2017, 01:22 PM
TickFarmer TickFarmer is offline
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Don't pay the ransom - we escaped!

It's been a while since the last posting, but not much has happened since then. Spring was wet and we watched the rain. There were floods all around us, but the Tick Farm stayed high and damp, if not dry. After the spring rains we had the summer rains. It seemed like it was either to hot to breath or raining. Not much happened then, either.
Finally the heat broke. Real nice cool down - but the rains came back. Now they are saying the heat will return as the rains slow down again...

So, what did we do on our summer vacation? The city place got new roofing after the big hail and wind storm this spring. More was cleared along the south fence - only got half way before quitting clearing for the summer.
Of course that was just a test - another storm came through and knocked over a couple trees from the neighbor's side onto the fence. He doesn't have any animals and doesn't maintain his fences. We are clearing along the fence so we can put it back up (replace most of it), but get to do it again...
The footprint of the original homestead house is now a concrete pad to become a carport and greenhouse. The foundation was torn out in 6-8' lengths and over the misty and cool days was broken into bowling ball sized chunks to pile along the edges. One side is a little above ground level, but the other is 2' above ground. The foundation chunks are fill to slope the ground away from the pad, after we get some topsoil to cover the concrete rubble.
The pavilion got painted on a sunny weekend. We had plans to paint the other buildings, but the weather hasn't cooperated so far.
Put up a small solar array on the pavilion roof to charge a deep cycle trolling motor battery. The battery powers the new lighting in the cabin. The Farmerette really likes the new (bright) lights.
She finally got some sunflowers to grow, too. Over the past couple years we have planted a couple thousand (1-1/2 to 2 pounds of seeds a year) to try to grow some. They get an inch or two tall and then evaporate.
This year she started about 50 in cardboard egg cartons. We built a little raised bed with a chicken wire fence around it. The egg cartons were set in there after the seedlings were a couple inches tall. All went well as they grew to 4' tall - twice as tall as the fence. Finally, they began budding out. That was the end of those sunflowers. Somebody snuck in and pruned the flowers right off the stalks. From the looks of the remains it appears that it may be the same critter that has been pruning the apple trees.
Speaking of big eyed flower munchers, our new crop of spotted long legged woodlands Bambies have been hanging around to see what we are up to. This batch likes to hang out over in the campground and watch us sit under the pavilion. I guess that's a good a place as any to watch us - we haven't had any campers this year.
My brother's cabin clearing slowly evaporated as the new growth reclaimed it. Maybe he will be back to work on it again this fall?

Y'all enjoy the eclipse. Try not to stare at the sun - it's not good for your eyes. I recommend a pin hole projector if it's not cloudy.
(cut a hole in the end of a shoe box. Tape a piece of tinfoil over the hole and poke a hole in the foil with a pin. Tape a piece of white paper on the inside of the box opposite of the hole. Aim the foil side at the sun and watch it on the paper)
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Old 08-25-2017, 07:48 PM
randallhilton's Avatar
randallhilton Male randallhilton is offline
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Default Trees never stop

Trees on the fence line. It seems that the number one thing I have to keep up with is tree trimming. All the time. Neglect it for a bit and suddenly, I'm covered in brush again! Who'd a thunk homesteading was so much work!

Use less, lose less, weigh the benefits, count the costs.
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Old 09-05-2017, 08:45 PM
CountryMom22 Female CountryMom22 is offline
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Sorry to hear that the heat and rain has curtailed your plans, but fall is on the way! We've had just enough rain to keep everything green this year. The lawn never got brown, and we only had to water the garden about once a week. But ever storm that comes through drops more branches that need clearing, and we've got a few trees next to the garden that need to come down, so I guess we'll all be dealing with trimming in the coming weeks.

Keep up the good work and keep in touch!
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Old 11-12-2017, 06:40 PM
CountryMom22 Female CountryMom22 is offline
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Haven't heard from you in awhile TickFarmer. Did the little beasts get the best of you?

Hope all is well!
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