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Old 11-02-2008, 10:41 PM
aintern02 aintern02 is offline
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Default Hello From KY

Hello everyone,
From good ol' Kentucky here.
I am 32 year old single guy and live in a small town in an apartment.
A lot of weird little things have sparked my interest in homesteading.
I have lived the typical single American's life (not to over generalize)
I eat out 3 meals a day. Drive a truck and spend 1000 a month on gas. Have
4 trash cans that Go out on trash day. 20,000 in student loans.
I waste waste waste...But This is all
coming to an end for me soon. It is useless, and I am chasing rainbows that have
been implanted in my head from watching to much tv or something.
I wanted bigger, better, faster, and more.
Then it hit me out of nowhere. My grandparents no longer living,
lived a very simple life. They gardened and canned enough food for the year.
They had a wood stove.There own natural spring. Hunted and fished to feed there family.
Once ever few weeks they came to town to get flower,sugar and some baking goods, but that is it
other than Sunday trips to church, less than a mile where they lived.
Grandma never even had a drivers license. To look back on there life, it was a lot less simpler
than the one I live right now. I feel like I am spining my wheels so to speak.
So here is my back ground. I am a home builder and a residential designer.
Well as you can guess, business is not that great right now.
One thing I like about what I do, I can design and draw house plans from
home, which is what I do when I am not building.
So Being broke, and wanting to get a jump start
on a homestead project, I have been researching different methods & designs.
In my search I have came up with a Very economical way to build a small
cabin or home with a recycled material. Could Be cheaper than a mobile home. And even look really good.
I am in the research and development stage right now. I will maybe post pictures sometime in the future. I am sure I will be posting questions. IT is simple yet complex, with solar panels,and so forth.
This could be a wild hair brained idea
that I am having but either way I am going to give it s whirl,and see where it takes me.
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Old 11-03-2008, 01:13 AM
Archangel Archangel is offline
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Default Re: Hello From KY

Welcome from Del Rio Texas.
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Old 11-08-2008, 09:17 PM
bookwormom bookwormom is offline
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Default Re: Hello From KY

sounds interesting, hope you can post pictures someday. In the meantime, hang around,
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