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Old 03-14-2014, 12:02 PM
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Default Cover of a Book

This came to me one morning so I wrote it down. This is all that "Tilly" gave me. She was here and then gone.

Cover of a Book

The woman tied the laces of her dirty shoes and made sure to fluff out a little bit of the thick faded, slouching sock through the hole in one of them. Next she tied the faded gray colored apron around her waist making sure to straighten out the overly large house dress also appearing to be old and faded from use and washing.

Checking the time she made sure she had what she needed in her apron pocket and then added the contacts to her eyes making them look white with blindness. She carefully made her way out to the front porch of the weather beaten shack and sat on a creaking rocking chair and waited.
Not more than ten minutes later she could hear the engines of what she knew were the vehicles of the foreign forces that had taken over her area of the country. She patiently waited and kept snapping the ends off of some wrinkled greenbeans. Once the vehicles were close enough she could tell there were two of them which meant that there would be at least six of the intruders on her property.

Once they were in the front of her place she stood and tilted her head acting as if she didn’t know who or what was in front of her. She heard a voice saying loudly to halt any more movements and she complied with the order. She heard the doors of the vehicles open and all close and she reached in her apron pocket. Upon that movement she heard weapons being ready but she continued to withdraw her hand and then open the white cane that was internationally known as being for blind people.

She used the cane in the back and forth sweeping motion over to the step area of the porch and asked slowly who they were. The men having seen the cane relaxed and the one who apparently was the leader of them came to stand in front of her. He spoke loudly like most people do to the blind like they’re not just blind but evidently deaf too making her want to roll her eyes but she had no difficulty stopping herself from doing so.

In his own language he rattled off something and his interpreter said in an accented voice that his captain wanted to know who she was and was she alone here. She answered that she was named Tilly Blackwood and that she’d been alone for over ten years now.

Taking in the disheveled appearance of the property, her clothes and shoes, that fact that she was an old woman and blind the foreign captain wondered if he should bother searching the property like he was supposed to do. He had already searched through numerous places almost as bad as this one. He heard and had read that the people in these mountains were some of the poorest in this nation and from his searches he could see it was fact. It was no better off here than in his own country. He decided against it and ordered his men to get back into the vehicles.

Tilly tilted her head and before the interpreter could get in the vehicle she asked if someone could be kind enough to get her a bucket of water from the outdoor hand pump. She made a show of using her cane to find the bucket that was in the corner of the porch behind the screen door when opened. The interpreter spoke to his captain in their own language and the captain gave him the go ahead. The man took the bucket from her hand and she heard the pump being worked and then the man sat the bucket on the porch. She thanked him and told him if they needed some water they could use her pump but he declined and entered the vehicle. She heard them starting their engines and then they turned around in her overgrown yard of weeds and went back down the dirt lane that led to her place.

She folded up her cane and put it back in her pocket. She then made sure to search for the bucket and made a show of having trouble lifting it in case not all of the men left with the vehicles. She held her hand out for the screen door and slowly made her way into the shack. She made it over to the counter in the small kitchen and set the bucket on it. She then slowly made her way further into the shack so she wasn’t in sight of the windows.

She removed her contacts and blinked numerous times. They always irritated her eyes but she didn’t care. Her job was more important that any irritation. She straightened her back and then made her way to the back room and opened the closet door. She moved aside the old dirty coats and dresses and then lifted up the trap door in the flooring.

She easily moved down the stairs that had been built and entered the long tunnel that led to her real home built underground years before. It had all been planned out for just the type of thing that was happening to the country. She made it to the heavy door and opened it and walked into what was a vestibule of a sort before heading into her home. She removed the old shoes and placed the cane on a shelf above them and headed into the area.

Off to the left was a long table or counter with four office swivel chairs in front of it. On the table were all manner of electronic devices. From closed circuit tv’s to a ham radio. Sitting in two of the chairs were two members of the local rebel forces. She moved to behind them and patted them on their shoulders. They looked back at her and smiled.

“Nother good job “Tilly”, I liked when you had one get ya some water” said Grisolm.
“Just figured it’d make the show more believable is all” she said with a shrug. Then they all chuckled.

She moved off to go to her bedroom to change and clean the contacts so they’d be ready to use again when needed. She was old, but not as old as she played. She never thought two years ago that she’d be dying her hair gray instead of getting rid of it. But then she didn’t think she’d be helping the rebels fight for their country. She was a stop on the Underground where both people and supplies made it to their destinations. She was adamant and made it a part of her help that no one not known to her was to know of her and her help. If it got out about her she would destroy everything and move on.

Dressed in some jeans and a flannel shirt she made her way back to the front and the two men.
“When does the ammunition come in Gris?” she asked.
“Bout ten tonite” he answered still watching the monitors for any movements. Tilly nodded and walked into the kitchen area.
“Have they decided where the meeting of all leaders of the rebellion is going to be?” she asked no one in particular.
“Nobody’s said yet” answered Amstead, the quieter of the two. Again she nodded.

“Well, hopefully they’ll hash out a plan so we can throw these damn foreigners out of our country before long. It’s gone on long enough. And we also need to make it clear to any of the surviving politicians that the old ways will not be tolerated again. That we will follow the Constitution to the letter and there will not be any more life time careers in the Congress. The policies of old will not stand and if it has to happen then the people of this country will march on the capital and string up the offenders as a lesson to the others. It’s time that we the people take back control of our country and to hell with any other country. Let them fend for themselves.” She stated plainly.

And quietly to herself she thought “The good Lord willing we will weather this storm and be ready for the next”.

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Old 03-14-2014, 05:36 PM
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That was a great read, it's a little like the book I'm reading now by Glenn Beck " The eye of the Moloch" It's in real time and very similar to what I am reading.
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