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Old 07-18-2018, 05:40 AM
Doninalaska Doninalaska is offline
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Originally Posted by Terri View Post
I have decided that I am good with having the Roma Plum tomato being a determinant because my other paste tomato is Amish Paste, and I have grown Amish Paste before. It will yield until frost. The first tomato will give us a big slug of tomatos now, and then the Amish Paste will take over. The kitchen should be well supplied.

Do you need to grow your tomatos in the greenhouse, or are you able to grow them outside?
We grow a few outside, but they always struggle. Most of our tomatoes, and all our peppers are in a greenhouse. Most of our cucumbers are in greenhouses as well, but we do grow some outside and in low tunnels, especially picklers.
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Old 07-18-2018, 03:35 PM
sethwyo sethwyo is offline
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Hot dry weather here. Got a weedeater at yardsale on the reservation, and a new lawnmower that was a return item so on clearence as damaged for 20.
Have been cutting weeds and clearing the deadwood on our new homested and discovered that many trees here are chockcherrys😃
They are ripe now.
I planted some rotten potatos insted of throwing them out and these have stemed up also. Corn isnt doing too good as iv been busy at work and not there to water everyday.
So ya'll use this to escape reality ? Well i am reality potheads.
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Old 07-18-2018, 09:58 PM
Terri Terri is offline
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Well. color me surprised. Those dry, tasteless "Roma Plum" tomatos have made a vibrant-tasting sauce!

I was not going to use it this week but I changed my mind as I ran out of steam before I got dinner set up. Usually I do the meal set up in the AM to avoid that, but this time I did not and this afternoon I drew a blank when it came to food for DH and I.

Well, that is one reason I keep preps. I got out a package of Bear Creek dehydrated chili, and I added water and that baggie of Roma Plum tomato sauce. I did taste the sauce and it is good: makes me wish I had planted more of them so I could freeze more for this winter.

Doninalaska, I get my cucumber seeds from Great Britain, and I have been VERY pleased with how well they do in our overcast springs here! This makes sense, as Great Britain is noted for having overcast days, and my favorite cucumber "F1 Burpless Tastygreen" does very well in our dreary springs.

They are right now struggling from the heat, but because they are burpless the cucumber beetles do not like them, and that is a BIG plus! Where I live the cucumber beetles are a much larger threat than the heat is. The cucumber beetles ALL carry a serious wilt disease, and most gardeners drown their cucumbers in poison if they want to get more than a few cucumbers. I rarely spray mine: I do not have to because the beetles leave them alone. I get the seeds on-line from seedaholic.

Actually, people admire my cucumbers, and I let them think that I am a great gardener, when actually it is the variety and not the gardener.
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Old 07-18-2018, 11:56 PM
Doninalaska Doninalaska is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2012
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Glad those tomatoes work for you, Terri. You might also try Longkeeper or Golden Treasure storage tomatoes. They are open-pollinated tomatoes selected for storage. You pick them while green and store them on an open shelf. They ripen over a long period and we often have fresh tomatoes from the garden in December here, long after the garden is under snow. They are offered by Territorial. I have found Longkeeper other places since it has been around for decades (that I know of, but I have not found Golden Treasure anywhere else.

I used to order from Thompson and Morgan because they offered mostly seeds from the UK, but I haven't placed an order with them for some years. I have never heard of Seedaholic, so I will look that up. I have been trying to grow mostly open-pollinated stuff recently, and for most things, it has worked out well. The exception would be greenhouse cucumbers. Although Telegraph-types will grow, they don't produce much in our short season, and heating the greenhouse for long periods just isn't practical. All my greenhouse cucumbers are parthenocarpic because I can't deal with manually pollinating everything. Outside where bees can get to them we grow open-pollinated plants under a low tunnel until they bloom, then the cover is removed for pollination. Our cucumbers are really starting to produce now, and we will be pickling next week.
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