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Old 03-16-2015, 01:02 PM
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Default My new Toyota

I've never had a new sewing machine and I'm tired of using three clunkers to do everything I need, so I did a search for heavy duty machines on amazon and came up with a Toyota!

I ordered it last week and got it Saturday. I never knew Toyota was making sewing machines a couple of years before they started making cars - but they did, are and do. And they're not light plastic junkers like a lot of the new machines being made.

This is the one I got:

It's not fancy, doesn't have a computer and "only" has 21 stitches. But it does everything I need, doesn't jump around on the table and seems quiet. I haven't tried heavy materials yet, but the reviews say that it doesn't even slow down for many layers of denim.

I'm excited about my new Toyota!
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Old 03-16-2015, 02:42 PM
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Congrats on your new machine.... Feels good to try out and use all the things it will do...

I know it is fun to use the stuff on my old machine that it is capable of doing now that I got it tuned up... Even if my projects are not as nice or fancy as your capable of...

You will have to post pictures of your projects... (hint,hint nudge,nudge)
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Old 03-16-2015, 05:22 PM
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Congratulations on you new machine.
Work goes so much easier when you have good tools.
"No Computer" That is a good thing !

Watching his video review answered the question. 1 - 4 ARE the button holes !
I watched mom do that on her Singer one time. Fascinating ! It works. So much easier than trying to stitch that by hand.
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Old 03-17-2015, 12:21 AM
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Kudos for your choice. Toyota products are well built. May it serve you long and well!
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