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Old 11-29-2017, 05:29 PM
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Default "Coupon" Exchange 101....

There is a recient post about coupons and such in Homestead.. This is a bit better fitting place I feel..

We use a number of coupons, and watch the advertisement specials and such quite closely. The key to this being we only use coupons for stuff we use on a regular basis. When we do get a good buy, we stock up with the shelf or freezer space to make it worth the cost and effort. For instance, at Thanks Giving time we stocked up on enough turkeys to last through our sausage season and other events until the next special sale on birds.

Back in the olden days when kids were small, we had a very active group of like families that we did a coupon exchange mainly for kid items and other things as well. Diapers, formula and all kids require.

We are far down the road of life for diaper coupons for instance, and unfortunately don't have anyone else to exchange coupons with at this time. However we do shop, and take advantage of many outlets "senior day" discounts and specials.. I figure I worked long and hard to earn that bonus. I'm using it every chance I get.

Anyone else use an active "network" to exchange coupons ??

The definition of network could include friends, neighbors, family, or most any organization that can benefit from this activity.

Share your scores and resources....
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Old 12-12-2017, 03:19 PM
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Default Not here

haven't seen many food coupons that we use. One butter pack comes with a .75c off so that is used.

I'll use a Jo-ann fabrics or Harbor freight now and then. Think the wife uses the Khols ,Target stores % or $ off.

If I remember to I use the Military % at homie depot and other places.

We use to use all kinds of coupons but I don't get a news paper so that may be why I'm not seeing them

I know this for sure. Firearms manufactures and ammo folks are offering rebates on just about everything they sell. So if you are looking to do a little restocking look around the rebates are offered on the manufactures web sites.
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