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Wild/Feral/Nuisance/Control posts about Barney, Kermit, Miss Piggie, etc.

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Old 10-01-2018, 11:06 PM
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Default "Mouse-a-gedin" 2018

Sorry about making up the word.... However it has been quite an interesting time the last 3 weeks or so.

About the time we first started picking apples, it turned a bit cooler and the mouse invasion started. I always keep traps set in the small livestock and feed storage areas of all the buildings 24/7/365. Each building has from 2 to 7 traps depending on the season, and a covered cup of peanut butter for bait.

The numbers caught has fluctuated some. One building there will be one or the record has been 4 in one overnight so far. The wood shed was the site of the high overnight catch. The chicken barn is where the biggest variety of mouse types has been. One overnight I caught 3 different kinds of mice. The types being small ear grey, large ear long tail grey, big short tail black mouse.

Knock on wood..... Have not had one of any kind in the house for about a year now. If there is one in the house, Winston Churchill DeHounddog is usually going nuts until it is taken care of.

I don't play fair, nice, or anything else. I play to win. I trim about 1/8" off the front edge of the yellow plastic bait pad/trigger, then each trap has several 5/8" brad nails in the front edge sticking up under where the kill bar comes down. This assures when you do get them, they can not get away. Also each trap has about 6" of string tied to a hole in the rear portion of the trap and tied to about a 6" long lath. I've lost several traps to long tail weasel that will carry off the trap and mouse into a craves in the wood pile. The weasel will consume the mouse and the trap is never seen again.

My experience has been that the best, most reliable traps are the Victor brand with the yellow plastic bait paddle. Your equipment experience may vary. Good hunting.
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Old 10-01-2018, 11:49 PM
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My "mousetrap" is a cat named Lucas.

Alas, after every successful hunt he comes in dripping with fleas. I put flea stuff on him but he STILL comes in dripping with fleas! And my dog is terribly allergic to fleas.

It is better than having mice take one bite out of every ripe tomato, though. Mousewise we are doing better this year than usual
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Old 10-13-2018, 04:40 AM
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I put out the spinning bottle traps over a 5-gal bucket with water each fall. No need to re-bait, and just dump out the dead mice and add fresh water. Any fleas drown with the mice.

I take out 30-60 mice each fall from 3 barns. I put 2 in the cellar also but usually only get 2-3 mice
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