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Old 09-13-2011, 12:37 PM
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LOL! Well if hunting tradition is your object, try it without a gun! We use to hunt all the time as kids with out a firearm (them bullets cost money back then). We would take a fast old redbone or bluetick, a hunting knife and hit the woods. I can't do that anymore, can't get around well enough. We generally hunted 3 things, rabbits, ground hogs, and squirrels.

Now we would look for black gum trees and other trees that were hollow. If the old hound smelled something at the hole, we would cut a black jack about 7 foot long, strip it and cut a "V" notch in one end. We would poke up the hole listening for the squirrel to start chattering. Then we would twist the stick until we had a good knot in his tail holding him by the hair twisted up in the stick. We would drag him out and as he started to clear the hole, stab him with the hunting knife.

The old dog saved a lot of time poking up empty holes Ground hogs were easier as they lived near their holes, and quickly went to ground, but you needed the dog when you draged him out. If you let the dog dig, that old "whistle pig" would cut him up, but if you drug him out, the dog could kill him easily.

Now rabbits were the easiest but you needed a fast dog. Beagles cannot put a rabbit to ground, a fast hound can! We would generally hold the dog when we twisted a rabbit out as stabbing him was easy, and you didn't have to argue with the dog about whose rabbit it was This ain't gonna sound good but we would "sling" the guts out of the rabbits for the dog. This is easily done and it kept the dog hunting more rabbits for us.

Soooo, if you can still run like a 13 year old boy, get yourself a good "bluetick" and a sharp knife and hit the woods!

One word of caution!!! A boy I knew twisted up one day and pulled a badger out ROTFLMAO! He and the dog looked like they had spent the day putting collars on bobcats

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