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Hellos & Happy Birthdays New members, please use this board to introduce yourselves. Been gone awhile? Let your friends here know you're back! Is it somone's birthday? Wish 'em a happy one!

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Old 06-01-2010, 01:04 PM
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Default Greetings from Eastern NC

We are a farming family of 7, 9 with my parents. (14 if you count my sister's family we have given space to, but they only want the space not the lifestyle...of the bigger, faster, more bells and whistles crowd.)We have 28 acres, and lease 11. We have 4 Jerseys in milk, 1 calf cow, 1 dry cow and 1 heifer calf, 1 steer and 10 bulls from 3 mos to 2 years. We have some goats, some sheep. Assorted chickens, and assorted pigs. Right now we are just sustaining ourselves and passing out extras to friends. Our plan is to not have to buy off the farm in 5 years....not buy anything but grain for flour, coffee,TEA (don't want to live without it) and sugar....hopefully not the sugar even. (You know, not buy things, produce all we can and live without what we can't) So our stock is in livestock.
We are drinking lots of milk, not making cheese very often due to lack of space and time. Making soap, working up to laundry soap, but I have a weakness for nice smelling detergent so not working as hard as I should, I suppose.
We have a cane mill, evaporator pan and some sprouting cane. Dunno if it's going to do more than make cane for next year. And we plan on planting sorghum next year as well. We put in a hive of bees which seem to be doing a great job, they are everywhere in the garden and are making comb, hatching new bees and have filled the hive body...hoping for honey this fall. Until then we are purchasing sugar....
We have a pretty big garden, we can, freeze and want to dehydrate, but that's not been as big a success as hoped, it's very humid here in the summer and I have trouble keeping things dry once opened. Hope I can get some pointers on that. This year we are going for a more year round garden than we have had previously. We planted a fall garden that did well last year, cole crops and beans mostly. Our asparagus is in it's third year, we plan to dig it this fall and make a bigger bed.
We have in some berry plants, nut trees and a couple of fruit trees. 6 or so grape vines and one lonely rhubarb. We tried strawberries, but they died a death of dehydration during the dry spell. Maybe next year on those, too.
My DH is retired, we live off his retirement for now, and have learned to be very happy with so much less. We have no TV, very slow dial-up, limit trips into town and just enjoy the freedom from "stuff". I am amazed how I don't get worked up over things that bother the world since it's not pumped into my face everyday....what a blessing.
Our children have been developing such imaginations and work ethics, that's rewarding. And shopping from our pantry is a great feeling. I don't even know what a good price for meat is sister is used to asking me but has given up since I tell her anything more than free seems like a rip-off.
I could ramble on, but won't, I think y'all know what I mean.

Hope to learn lots and be able to help if we can.
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