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Old 09-13-2010, 11:45 AM
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Default Liquidating livestock

We're taking a bit of a detour in life, and need to liquidate our livestock. Fortunately we don't have extremely large holdings. If you are wanting to get into poultry or rabbits, this is a fine opportunity.

4 ducks - 2m, 2f - white pekin - reliable egg layers, keep us in eggs when the hens stop to molt. We have raised some to butcher, I find turkey or chicken a better use of my time for meat. They do a fine job of keeping the creek clean and keep the guineas in line.

26 chickens:

6 silver laced wyandotte hens (apr '09) - good layers - we got these because we like their cackle - they sound like thier laughing

5 dark cornish hens (apr '09) - good meat in a relatively small package, good layers

5 white rock hens (apr '10) - will begin laying next season (Jan '11) we got these to cross with the cornish roosters to make meat birds. Crosses will not be the fast growing monsters you can get from a hatchery, but we had hopes of an acceptable meat bird.

8 buff orpington hens (pre '09) - these are original stock. They are still laying, though not as robust as the younger birds. They are excellent brooders and we have dispensed with an incubator all together. They have hatched chickens, ducks and guinneas. Eight seems like a lot, but they do help keep the bugs down and compete with each other to take turns setting.

2 dark cornish roosters - breeding stock for white rocks and dark cornish.

1 lone rooster referred to as "gay bob" - someone gave us this fellow. He has no interest in breeding. Helps to eat ticks and other bugs, hangs out with the hens (I guess they talk about hair and boys)

10 California - 2 bucks, 8 does

The breeding stock is getting a little long in the tooth, but still viable. The value here is not so much the breeding stock, but the facilities. Included is 12 cages (4 batteries of three cages each) with all associated water bottles, feeders, two home made free standing cages for housing litters, 1 legless litter cage, etc.

I have not bred the animals this summer due to excessive heat, but they have always been reliable. I like rabbit, they are easier to butcher and dress than poultry, and bring $8 each dressed for the freezer. The problem isn't selling the rabbits, it's keeping enough in the freezer to sell. Kind of tells me I'm not charging enough for them. Aside from the fresh meat, I am going to miss the manure most. They produce a constant supply that can go directly into the garden and around the fruit trees. For every 2 lbs of feed, they produce 1 lb of meat (new rabbits). The breeders seem to just produce manure and baby rabbits.

I am in the western part of middle Tennessee. If you are between Jackson and Nashville, you are in my region.

If interested, please respond by PM
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