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Old 02-03-2012, 09:05 PM
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Default WalMart Christmas discounts

We went to WM today, and they had all the Christmas stuff marked down to low, low clearance prices. I bought the grandbabies fleece outfits with Christmas decorations on them for a dollar a set for sizes 4 to 16. The infant fleece was seventy-four cents a set. I also bought those plush blanket/pillow sets with the Christmas prints for a dollar a set for all the little ones.
Coats were $7.50 for my adult sons, and so were the fleece jackets with the fake sherpa linings. All the leftover decorations were a dime a piece, even the single poinsettia flowers that use to be $5 each. Another good buy was all the Christmasy decorated loaf pans for giving banana bread to the neighbors. They were the foil ones that come three to a package for fifty cents. I bought all the ladies on our lists velvet tree skirts that were really pretty for a quarter a piece. They had been around $15 each before Christmas. There was just all sorts of nice things, table cloths and napkins, all Christmas wear, fleece outfits, jammies, Christmas Cards for ten cents a box, boxes, gift bags, fancy tags, all the Christmas socks and Christmas clothing, basically anything Christmas. I even bought all the little dogs new Christmas sweaters for a quarter a piece. I spent just under $50, but came home with bags and bags of stuff for next year.
You might all check out WM in your area to see if you can buy Christmas up for next year at good prices right now. Many things were less than ten percent of the original prices, and all were less than half the original prices.

They also had a lot of clearance sales on toys, but I didn't buy any because they weren't discounted that deeply. It was mainly just everything that had Christmas decorations on it.
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Old 02-03-2012, 09:52 PM
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I just happened to be in our local Wal-Mart yesterday to pick up a new watch (mine died) and swung through the toy dept as my youngest turns 5 the middle of Feb.

Got him a John Deer semi with flatbed trailer carrying a tractor with oversized mud-running tires on it, mostly all die-cast metal, originally $34.00 got it for $11.00.

Also got a rescue vehicle helicopter originally $19.99 for $10.00. Mostly plastic and it makes noise (but he will be thrilled...thinking it will be an outside toy!)

Got a small set of die-cast planes, 4 different models originally $14.99 for $4.64.

Lastly I got him 2 die cast cars (each different) that you pull back and let go and they take off, they were originally $5.99 each and I got them for $1.84 each.

More than what I usually get them for birthdays but for less than $30.00 I thought I did pretty well.
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Old 02-05-2012, 05:16 PM
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I've kept an eye out for markdown's at my WalMart but they were nothing like the bargains you got. Would love to have been able to buy for those prices. Saw a few gift sets, things like cocoa mix with a mug but most of mugs were broken and they were still selling for 50% off. I won't do that though I might have given them $1 for the set.
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