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Default babington burners - waste oil heat

I'm not sure how I got onto this subject, but I found that there is a wealth of information on the web concerning building your own babington burner to create a waste oil heater.

Some people claim they can burn anything - used motor oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid, waste vegetable oil, kerosene, diesel, heating oil - all with the same homebuilt device.

Several plans on the web too.

Seems this might be a viable alternative or supplement to wood heat, especially, if as the sites claim, used motor oil can be had for next to nothing because it costs money for automotive shops to have it disposed of properly. Heck, I generate a fair amount myself between three cars and the tractor, and it's a PITA to get rid of these days. The county stopped taking it and the city only does so on the first friday of the month - during the day when I'm at work. I've probably got 15 gallons in the garage in various containers right now waiting to be recycled. That would sure cover a lot of cool weekends in a small cabin.

I'm not sure I'd want a homemade burner in the house, but I was thinking of those wood-fired boilers that run outside. If you built something like that which ran on waste oil, then it would be separate from the house. Maybe have a wood-fired boiler and a waste oil boiler side-by-side, both capable of heating hot water to be used to heat the house or barn.

I'd really like to see one of these scaled down to something more cabin-sized, but most seem to be pretty large so it's something I'd have to research on my own.

But I really am attracted to the possibility of multiple energy sources that are apparently currently inexpensive. If you could burn wood, or waste veggie oil from restaurants, or used motor oil and then you also had the option of heating oil or even diesel in a pinch, it would sure give you a lot of options.

Supposedly, with the right setup, you get a very hot, clean burn with minimal particulates and pollution.

Maybe tie it into some sort of simple solar water heater system too to supplement the others.
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