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Communications/Computers/Software Ask questions and offer help on anything to do with electronic communication, computing, or related areas.

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Old 05-25-2012, 02:03 AM
Beaniemaster2 Female Beaniemaster2 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Kentucky
Posts: 138
Default I need help with a shortwave radio please?

I need advice on using this or buying a new shortwave radio. I have this old one that looks like this one only the brand is Rhapsody RH-610 instead of the Realistic brand. What I don't know is this a single side band that people recommend??? Can't seem to get much with the portable antenna on it but we live in a hollar with poor reception, would it help to get an external antenna and if so what one??? Or should I just buy a new one??? Grundig S350 or G3 was recommended, what do you all think??? Just interested in getting some news during a SHTF and hams are just too complicated for this little old lady! hahahaha

Plus hubby has a pacemaker and can't be around most electronic stuff, dang! Would appreciate any and all advice you could give me, thanks! 3cc66e9cac
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Old 05-25-2012, 02:08 AM
Westcliffe01 Male Westcliffe01 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 237

Just string up a long wire antenna about 100ft long, get it as high off the ground as possible (if possible hung between 2 tall trees), just remember to disconnect it and leave the end outside when done, since else you could have a lightning incident in stormy weather. You will be amazed at the difference a long wire antenna will make.
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Old 05-25-2012, 08:02 AM
sethwyo sethwyo is offline
Grand Master Pontificator
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Thunder basin
Posts: 1,058

short wave radios are not easy, i have one that i have been using for some time, about the only thing it gets well is FM and AM, the Am is called MW or ML or something like that. i have a wire about ten feet long hung on a pole i hook the lower end to the antana for better reception. this is the same as an external antana.
So ya'll use this to escape reality ? Well i am reality potheads.
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Old 05-25-2012, 02:06 PM
DavidOH's Avatar
DavidOH Male DavidOH is offline
Grand Master Pontificator
Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Central, OH
Posts: 2,341

I sure hope you did not buy that one on eBay! I might have a couple of those that I paid $14 for.
They are not worth paying shipping charges on.

Go to eHam and check the reviews:
Pick something in your price range.

Check out New Radios at CCrane:
Universal Radio is my favorite Local Shop:

You should be able to find something far superior to that one listed for less than $50

Here are a few examples:

Keep in mind the antenna matters!
A poor radio with a good antenna generally performs better that a great radio with a poor antenna.

An inexpensive starter:

Seth had the least expensive idea. Just connect any wire to it and put the wire up as high as possible.
I never liked the idea of having that connected during a thunderstorm.

Last edited by DavidOH; 05-25-2012 at 02:20 PM.
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Old 05-25-2012, 02:53 PM
Satanic Mechanic Satanic Mechanic is offline
Join Date: Feb 2012
Posts: 17

Westcliffe01 is right about making a homebrew antenna. I put up a loop antenna in my backyard and I receive everything with that.
If you want, you can also buy an antenna kit for $13 at RadioShack. The kit includes the wire, insulators and a guide on how to cut the wire for a specific band on your radio.

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Old 05-25-2012, 06:55 PM
Beaniemaster2 Female Beaniemaster2 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Location: Kentucky
Posts: 138
Default Thank you all, I knew I could count on you guys!

DavidOH, The one I already have is like the one that was for sale on Ebay, just wanted to see if I could get that one working before buying a new one! I will try the wire antenna thing first and that antenna on amazon is the one I was looking at so thank you!

Gosh, I hate when I feel so stupid about things, just really want to be sure we have something to listen in on cause we all know we will not be told the truth about what is really going on during a SHTF, not on regular emergency channels anyway!

And thank you all for telling me to disconnect it during a strorm, I wouldn't have thought of that!
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Old 05-28-2012, 11:00 PM
sethwyo sethwyo is offline
Grand Master Pontificator
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Thunder basin
Posts: 1,058

Have you gotten anything on SW Yet ?
So ya'll use this to escape reality ? Well i am reality potheads.
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Old 05-31-2012, 09:05 PM
OzarksJohn OzarksJohn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Missouri! of course.....
Posts: 279
Default If it's working at all...

You should be able to get some of the domestic commercial SW broadcasting stations on the telescoping antenna, with improved reception with the simple addition of a longer wire antenna. A slinky hung from the curtain rod in the house is an amazing "quickie" antenna. You will only have to use a small wire to connect the slinky to your radio antenna. I've used some of the old 5 band or multiband radios from the 70's to listen to WWCR, WHRI, etc., with fair results in years past. SSB or Single Side Band usually isn't a feature of those cheaper old radios, so you really will have to find a proper receiver for that function. Go to and look through the portable battery operated SW receivers. There are some good ones that are between $50-$100 dollars that offer SSB reception features. You will need the slinky or other long wire antenna to maximize reception throughout the shortwave bands. Radio waves are persnickity critters and respond better to antennas with length and polarity suited to their own length and orientation whether that be vertical or horizontal. SW listening is something I've been enjoying since the late 80's. It's going to be a lot of fun for you if you take the plunge and get set up. Enjoy. OzarksJohn
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Old 02-13-2013, 06:23 PM
oldhats oldhats is offline
New Member
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: texas
Gender: Male
Posts: 8
Default frequency determined by the time of day

Very basic the frequency determined by the time of day

Meter Frequency KHZ Reception Times
120 2300-2500 Infrequent reception
90 3200-3400 Winter nights
75 3900-4000 Winter nights (Also Amateur Radio)
60 4750-5060 Tropical stations, winter nights
49 5900-6200 Best at night
41 7100-7350 Best at night (Also Amateur Radio)
31 9400-10000 Best at night, some day
25 11600-12160 Best at night, some day
22 13570-13870 Best day, some night
19 15100-15800 Best day, some night
16 17500-17900 Best day, some night
15 18900-19020 Best day
13 21450-21750 Best day
11 25600-26100 Best day
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