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Links Post links to useful or amusing or newsworthy or otherwise interesting web pages here so they don't get lost on the regular boards.

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Old 09-30-2012, 11:30 AM
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Default 13gb + of free pamphlets, booklets, books etc

Found this site while looking for a booklet mentioned in the e-book thread in this same forum.

This site is unreal... not flashy by any means but stacked to the rafters with booklets, pamphlets, books etc related to sustainable living and how to improve life for those living in 3rd world nations. A -LOT- of it applies to homesteading etc and there is literally no way for me to list everything that is there. There's no way to even adequately cover the subjects available.

The entire collection can be downloaded or obtained by mail.

Seems these sites share links... found more from a couple of other sites:

Medical Guides (for when there is no doctor available):

Farming focused:

None of these sites are limited to one subject... you can spend an entire day just looking at what's available & downloading. Amazing what's hidden out there on the innerwebs.
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