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Old 03-20-2014, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by DavidOH View Post
I hurts when you lose those fur friends that you have become attached to.
Glad you got the villains Annie.

Not all dogs go feral when left to fend for themselves.
We adopted an older pup once and he kept digging in the trash even after being well fed. He was friendly with everyone.
Most do become so feral David.
I work with a rescue group and its heartbreaking to have too put them down.

I had had MOMO since he was 2 days old.
These dogs came After him in my yard.

The safety of pets over rules these feral animals--although its not their fault.

What we have to do is go after these idiots that dump animals.
But--they dump in the dark.
On lonely country roads.

And we find what happens is puppies are so cute--then they grow up--not cute and little they are dumped or allowed to run the neighborhoods.

Its a bad situation.
Feral dogs have recently attacked folks---some die and the dogs move on to another helpless victim.
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Old 03-20-2014, 12:20 PM
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RE: Doxies -- Lion heart is right! I once took my grandmother's doxie out for a walk in the woods. The next thing I know, she's chasing an armadillo right down a hole. The dog went clean out of sight. I panicked! Finally, she backed up enough that I could grab her hind legs and snatch her out. I had to carry her home or she would have darted right for that hole!

RE: feral dogs

I grew up in the country (now the area is all citified). Back then, we lived near a good turning around place where the city folk could drop their unloved pets then head back to town.

There is nothing creepier than hearing the town volunteer siren go off (a mile away) then hearing a pack of wild dogs, hidden in the grass not 200 yards away, as they start howling at the siren.

At the time, my townie friends didn't understand why I actually hunted dogs. Those friends had never stood face to face with a pack of animals that had no fear of man whatsoever. They would even attack calves and other livestock.

We did get occasional pets but we tended not to get emotionally attached to them since they often didn't last more than a year or two. Snakes and traffic was rough on them.

Use less, lose less, weigh the benefits, count the costs.
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