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Old 07-14-2014, 10:22 AM
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Default How to utilize a duplex reticule as a range finder

For instance most deer have the vital spot about 36" from the ground thusly we will borrow the methods surveyors have used for years to determine distance although not to the level of preciseness they achieve.

Get a 10 ft stick of 2" white PVC pipe and starting about 4" from one end paint it RED all the way around for 36", then leave it white for the next 36" and do another red section for 36". This will give you 9 feet total to work with.

Set your rifle up on a rest (make sure it's unloaded) and have a buddy take the painted pole down range and have him stop at say 100 yards and look at the duplex reticule. You want to have the bottom of the top post and the top of the bottom post coincide with one of the 36" sections on the pole. When they will touch the top and bottom posts measure that distance.

Then have him move further out till the top of the bottom post and the cross hairs touch a 36" section and measure that distance.

Finally have him keep moving out till the horizontal post touches a 36" section.

Once this is determined you know the range to a 3 ft high target and you can adjust your holdover to compensate for the changes in distance.

Lets say you zero POA/POI at 300 yards and your shots at the first range are hitting 9" high, you know to hold 9" low at 300 yards. Likewise if your shots are hitting three feet low at the second range you can know how high to hold over.

Finally have a target set up so you can use the top of the 6:00 o'clock post as a aiming reference and just keep moving the target out till you achieve POA/POI at that range. On some of my scopes the bottom post coincides with POA/POI between 600 and 800 yards.

Before the introduction of the MILDOT reticles the Army Snipers had a manual published wherein they zeroed their rifles at 600 yards and held under or held over for closer/longer ranges and the above is a modification of that technique as they knew moving the scope in the field was a disaster waiting to happen because most scopes do not have the data on them to return to initial zero thusly they held under/over and never moved the initial settings.

I will take a 1 1/2" X 3" sticker and record my zero range and hold unders/overs at different ranges and once I am sure of their accuracy cover the sticker with clear packaging tape to protect the data. In a survival application the distance to the game you need for food is critical especially since you won't be able to carry or most like even have access to unlimited ammo sources.
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Old 04-10-2015, 03:29 PM
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"Finally have him keep moving out till the horizontal post touches a 36" section." ????

I'm missing something here. Everything else was understood.
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Yes..... Years ago.... Using older fixed power Leupold scopes with duplex cross hairs this worked great... Also depending on your sight in, the points where the duplex changes sizes is hold over aiming points...

For instance... With a 6X fixed Leupold and a close to 3000fps cartridge, sighted in to strike 1" over point of aim at 100yds... The point where the finer cross hair started below the cross line was a 400yd aiming point..

With people thinking they MUST have a variable power scopes now, things will be different at different settings... So you will have to pick a setting, for instance 4 or 6X to do this exercise with....

The 3 key elements to what ever system you choose to use are....
Practice, practice, practice......

Thanks for the info..
Remember.... Aim small, miss small...
Good luck..
Always fresh.
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