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Default Cuterebra

Yesterday my small dog, Ginny, had some blood on her fur under her neck. Upon inspection a small hole about the size of a .22 entry hole was seen with a with foreign body in the center of the hole. I made a Veterinary appointment and a small larvae was removed almost exactly like the attached video. The larvae was pulled out without enlarging the hole with a scalpel. The fur bleeding was caused by Ginny scratching with her hind foot. A supply of antibiotics was provided. Cost for treatment was $130.00. Money well spent. Removing A Fly(Cuterebra) Larvae From A Dog's Skin What is a Cuterebra Parasite?
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Where do you live? 130 bucks... . for one worm.
We had a similar story with screw worms. They usually infest cattle, but this was a neighbors dog.
My neighbor called and asked what could be the matter, she saw some maggots on her dogs hind fur. Long story short, she could not face it, so I went over, not being as squeamish as she. Indeed a few maggots. Odd, maggots live on dead stuff. We cut the dogs hair in the area and low and behold, several round spots with white dots that looked like opening a can of white asparagus. we had never seen anything like it. when you squeezed besides the spots, oodles of worms just spilled out and left a hole. They were fast in getting in again, too, packed in tight, standing on their head and eating the dog. We cut the dogs hair on her back from her tail to her ears. She was part border collie. she was covered with those holes and finally I used the shopvac, narrow attachment dipped in alcohol and squeezed out the worms and sucked them up as fast as they were popped out. The poor dog was covered with holes from one end to the other. there were hundreds of worms. Afterwards we poured H2O2 on it and the owner functioned a nightgown of her girls to put on the dog. She recovered, hair grew again, but ever since then that dog seemed to know that I helped her and would not budge from my side when I came over.
I still have to scratch when I think of it. The dog died at a ripe old age not too long ago.
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