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Auto/Truck/Other Transportation If you use it to get from here to there, this is the place to talk about it and how to fix it.

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Old 02-11-2015, 01:24 PM
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Default Oil pressure question

My oil pressure began to drop.
My Vortec V-6 runs at about 58%--always has.
Its fusses about oil changes--which I do religiously at 3,000 miles.

Truck is running cool---oil has almost 1500 miles before next change.
i look down(always keeping an eye on my system) and the pressure is at about 40.

I immediately whip into a mechanic---and all i could think was the oil pump.
Guy calmed me down and said First go have your oil filter changed--Why i ask him?

He said the bulk oil changers--may have been at the bottom of the bulk tank and the filter may have picked up some sludge and be stopping the filter.
Had never heard that---besides he said do that and then have oil sensing unit ch'd before I even think about a new oil pump(what I thought was wrong)Between 500--$600.00 dollars as they would have to pull the motor to change it on this 2002 Vortec v-6 GMC.

Or it could be the oil sensing unit--not expensive but the wrench to do it is.

I went to a recommended new place he suggested---SURE enough the filter was stopped up.
I have never heard of it but it makes sense---instead of filling bulk storage at the high prices many waited until the price came down.(Hence bottom sludge_)

Changed the filter and walla--pressure is back up.
No rattle No noise.

I had no warning lights on---nothing to say anything else was wrong--do have gauges on oil/cooling systems))
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Old 02-11-2015, 01:45 PM
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I prefer to buy my own oil and filters and then pay someone to do the labor.

That way I know exactly what I'm getting.

The "Jiffy Lube" types use the cheapest oil and filters they can buy, and if you don't watch them closely they won't really change the filter at all, and will often not put all the oil they should

Mobile and Wix make some of the highest rated filters

Fram is a joke
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Old 02-11-2015, 02:56 PM
doc doc is online now
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Engine lites didn't speak up because a pressure of 40 is "good enuff" to keep them off.

I see no reason to spend extra money on "good" oil. Oil is to be changed periodically not because its lubricating quality deteriorates, but becasue it picks up soot. The soot particles circulate and "sand blast" the metal surfaces. Same argument about oil filter quality: if you change it every 3K, a cheap one is good enuff.

Oil does oxidize and turn acidic over time, hence the warning to "change every 3000 mi or 3 months."

An oil supplement like Z-Max really works to save engines (if you're bound to keep your car a long time) and to make it run cooler and improve mileage by 10%, maybe more. It will in fact save your engine if you ever lose pressure and dont realize it.
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Old 02-12-2015, 10:13 AM
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I was wondering because GM's are born with A/C Delco filters---Fords require a different filter.
I never skimp on oil or filters---But the oil changing place put a Fram on at oil change time--I didnt know it.

My Son has always changed my oil ,but has been out of state for 2 years.
I get shakey even thinking anyone else is under the hood of my truck.

Thank you
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Old 02-12-2015, 10:55 AM
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I've done all my own work on my vehicles - that was up until a couple years ago - now I can't do it. I really struggled with the idea of even just having someone else change my oil.

Around here locally are just basically back-yard mechanics that got laid of from the factory, rented a garage, and are now in the auto repair business. No thanks.

So I bit the bullet and decided to try the nearest Ford dealer which is in the same town where we do most of our grocery shopping. The have a running special called "the works" which includes oil/filter change, rotating tires, inspecting brakes/belts/hoses etc. for $39.95. And of course they use the Ford required oil and filters.

They've treated me just fine - have a nice waiting room with TV and WiFi. All a very professional attitude.

Then last year I knew I was going to need front brakes and rotors - all the years driving in the salt and now the truck sits for weeks on end the rust had taken its toll. I did the research ahead of time pricing what the parts would cost (not the Chinese parts from the auto supply store!) Then called the dealer for a price on the front brake job. They were actually very fair with their price and using all OEM Ford parts. And everything they do is guaranteed (parts and labor) for 1 year.

All in all very happy with the dealer. Next time you need an oil change check with your dealer - I would image they all have specials like my Ford dealer does. For $40 to me is well worth it - just to buy the oil & filter myself costs me $32 (Motorcraft oil & filter) at Wal-Mart - so for $7 more I am getting them to do it plus rotate my tires and do a thorough inspection.
It is what it is
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Old 03-15-2015, 07:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Bearfootfarm View Post

Fram is a joke
That is for sure! About like a sheet of tissue paper with a wrap of aluminum foil over the tissue paper.

I use synthetic motor oil (normally Mobil-1) and now change the oil every 30,000 miles or once a year. [Mobil-1's old recommendation was every 50,000 miles or once a year, but they weren't selling enough oil, so they reduced the mileage.] I do replace the filter every 7,500 as the owners manual so indicates. The Jeep (4.0 I-6 engine) has 241,831 miles on it as of lunch time today. Never had a wrench on the motor. Fuel pump, water pump and radiator have been replaced, and that is it.
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