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Hellos & Happy Birthdays New members, please use this board to introduce yourselves. Been gone awhile? Let your friends here know you're back! Is it somone's birthday? Wish 'em a happy one!

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Old 07-02-2015, 02:43 PM
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deathb4disco Male deathb4disco is offline
Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
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Default Greetings from Colorado Springs


Just joined and am looking very much forward to interacting with each of you. I am hoping to use this forum as a way to gather input on 21st century homesteading and maybe offer some suggestions that have worked for us. We moved out here to Colorado from Atlanta, GA because my wife has auto-immune arthritis (since she was 13 -- we are both in our mid and early 40's). She seems to do better with cooler, dry air compared to the year-round warm/humid air one encounters in most of the southeast. Besides the schools are better out here. We have two teenage kids -- both will be getting ready to head off to college or military in a couple of years. We also have another older daughter who decided to move out here from Georgia this past year.

My wife and I had been talking about moving out to "the sticks" since we came here but have very recently decided that we are going to definitely do that. We've decided to start looking for land, build our own cottage (400 sq ft) and move out there for good within 2-4 years. In the meantime, I still have an IT job where I work from home for a company based in Atlanta, the UK and SF. We realize there will be some serious challenges (mainly water and healthcare) but we know anything is possible if we work through it. The worse that can happen is that we have to move back to Colorado Springs which is as awesome place. so, the downside is very little.

Anyways, my wife and I have gotten very good at making our own things -- as we realize homesteading is more a state of mind, than a place -- like jams, bread, even our own ketchup and mustard, dish detergent and clothes washing detergent ... and a whole host of other things. We also have started working on vegetable gardening (this will be our second year doing this and we still seem to have a long way to go to understanding Colorado's climate for this). If there is something we can offer here under this subject, we'll be happy to contribute.

Pleasure to be here and so far lurking through the posts already here. Looking forward to interacting with you.

All the best,
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Old 07-02-2015, 07:03 PM
CountryMom22 Female CountryMom22 is offline
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Welcome to the forum, Phil. Homesteading is a state of mind. Anything that you can learn and put into practice now will benefit you after you find your homestead. Good luck in your search.

I'll look for your posts. Lot's of good, friendly people here who are willing to help. This forum is a good resource.

Enjoy! Sue
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Old 07-03-2015, 01:37 AM
JimGagnepain Male JimGagnepain is offline
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Welcome to the forum and to Colorado! Hope you like it here. 400 Sq Ft is very small, especially with a family. Sounds nice to work from home. I'm envious!
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Old 07-03-2015, 12:18 PM
deathb4disco's Avatar
deathb4disco Male deathb4disco is offline
Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Posts: 35

Thanks Jim and CountryMom. Yeah 400 sq ft is small. We're small people though and it will only be us two in about 4 years or so. We've stayed in a number of cottages over the years that were 400 sq ft or less. It was amazing how comfortable we felt doing that, though. If this means we can pay cash for that and some land and then work independently, I'll figure out how to make it work ;-)

It is good to be able to work from home. It's amazing how you can knock out 8 hours of work in two hours and then put the Skype alert on in case anyone needs me. I can then get about 4 hours worth of chores (mostly of the fun type like projects) around the house done and take it easy virtually stress-free. Of course, it won't last forever. So, we're making plans for the future.

A confession, Jim. I've found your homestead to be very interesting and have been trolling your posts. I've already gotten a couple of ideas from you in the last two days. Thanks very much for sharing as you have.
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